Wednesday, 3 April 2013


A few weeks ago I signed up to Charlotte Tilbury's newsletter in the bid to win a pot of her infamous magic cream... and do you adam and eve it - I won!! My substantial pot arrived yesterday and I'm overjoyed. Charlotte's Magic cream is her own secret "hand-blended moisturising potion" to give her clients a radiant glow and perfect base for makeup. Charlotte promotes oil-rich creams to help lift complexion, highlight cheekbones and soothe and comfort stressed out skin. As Charlotte couldn't find a cream that did the job she created her own.

Charlotte's magic cream is just that: Its a super thick, rich cream that on application melts into the skin, giving it a beautiful radiance. I'm sensitive to smells so the sickly-sweet floral notes to this were a little bit off putting at first but as the cream is so fabulous I sucked it up and went for it. As a previous thin moisturiser lover I am converted and vow to use thick creams to plump and pamper my skin into old age. My only qualm is that once it runs out that's it, unless Charlotte wants to start selling it??

I first became acqainted with Charlotte Tilbury and her work through Lisa Eldridge's makeup channel on Youtube, were she did a guest tutorial of her Kate Moss Vogue Paris cover. It was a lush bright red lip and beautiful contoured and highlighted skin. I was hooked. I am also obsessed with her recent Tom Ford runway look and her stunning March issue of Bristish Vogue on he stunning Cara Delevigne. She's a true talent and an inspiration. I think I want to be a make up artist like Charlotte when I grow up. xoxo Check out Charlotte's WEBSITE HERE


  1. Wow you wont the cream? Congrats!
    Was really wondering how she makes the foundations (even the thick Estee Lauder one) glide in her Lisa Eldridge video!
    Do you think there are any comparable moisturizers out in the market? :)


    1. Thanks Hayley. Nothing that I have found yet. The hunt begins... It smells a bit like a chanel moisturiser I sampled the other day though. :-) I'll blog about it if I find anything :-) xoxoxo

  2. OMG That's amazing! I've been digging up info on that cream and was led here. How has it worked for you?

  3. You could always send it to a lab to find out the ingredients. Then your worries about it running out would be over.

  4. Have your tried any La Mer products? She also recommends their moisturizers as well. (Just wondering if any are similar to her cream.)

  5. Charlotte will be selling her magic cream later this year! she is starting her own makeup brand!

  6. Hola,como podria comprar esta crema?