Tuesday, 2 April 2013

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Camisole

One of my new favourites!! Recently I posted on my signature makeup and exclaimed how much I love pink nude lipsticks. No other nude or any other shade cuts the mustard and unfortunately finding the right shade is a nightmare. And the drug store / high street is particularly bad for pink nude options. Needing a makeup fix last week I decided to the stalk Boots aisles until 17's Camisole jumped out at me. At £4.75 they are also one of the cheapest lipsticks that Boots sells so I was double impressed. The mirror shine lipsticks are along the same lines as Chanel rouge coco shines. They are more balm than colour and camisole in particular doesn't come up very well. It literally just gives you a glossy tint of pink nude. I like it lots but unfortunately it doesn't photograph very well. It slides on a treat however it has a slight waxy feel it to it on the lips. It doesn't smell of anything which can't be a bad thing. But what's novel about these lipsticks is the slide out mirror in the lid. Fabulous for on the go application. Overall I am very impressed with this. Its actually quite a chic little tube aswell and almost looks premium.  I enjoy pairing this with Maybellines lipliner in sweet pink. Two big thumbs up.

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