Monday, 29 April 2013

I got spots

One day I awoke to a sore red spot under my skin. days later my face was swarming with lumpy pimples, white heads and large, very black, open pores, giving new meaning to crater face. My first instinct was to scour the Internet to find a miracle cure. Then I came to my senses and remembered that after many years of falling into the spot treatment lure trap with no results I resisted. Because in truth I don't think much of spot treatments. I think they have more of a placebo affect than anything else as I'm sure spots dissipate in the same time without them. Saying that I think the way forward is to use a cleanser slash solution that targets oils and almost strips your skin of the excess oils and sebum that blemishes thrive in. As part of my skin care I had been using Vichy Normaderm unclogging purifying lotion. I apply this after my ordinary hot cloth cleanser session, concentrating on my blemishes and blackheads. This actually really dries out your skin so doesn't need to be applied anywhere else. I have also bought out my Alpha-H liquid gold and it's amazing micro exfoliation during the night has helped my skin get back to its normal (blemish free) self. Et voila. This duo helped my skin become clear in under a week. I'm very happy with this and will know next time to scrap the miracle cures and stick with what I have! xoxo


Sunday, 14 April 2013

L'oreal Feria by Preference - Extreme Platinum Power L01

AKA HAIR DYE. This mouthful of a product promises to extremely lighten my hair up to 8 levels. It won't wreck or ravage my hair because it is AMMONIA FREE. Hooray. Feeling thrifty I went into Boots to get a DIY bleaching kit and Toning solution. Basically if you just bleach your hair it will go yellow. You need to use a toner and silverising shampoo to rid your hair of the yellow tones. The products together were a whopping £18 - not thrifty at all. So I persevered down the aisle and found L'oreals EXTREME lightening hair dye. EXTREME no less. Not relishing a bleaching session anyway I had nothing to loose. £5.75 lighter I left the shop and looked for a friend.

That's step 1 - Enlist a friend to help you. I am rubbish at hair DIY and it will be a disaster if I am left to my own devises. Step too is to assemble the hair dye. This one is particularly ingredient-heavy. Oh I tell a lie step 2 is to do the 48 hour skin allergy test. Step 3 is to assemble the dye. This EXTREME lightening hair dye consists of: development cream (in the squeezy tube), lightening powder (in the sachet , lightening cream (in the white tube) and a "high shine shot". Once you put all these together, shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture. - round in your hands then "vigorously vertically . Step 4 is to put on the gloves (in the kinder surprise egg) and get your friend to cover your roots. Step 5 is to leave it for 45 minutes to develop. It states clearly do not exceed this time. And finally step 6 is to rinse and condition. The Gold tube is a Brass-Defy (YELLOW defy) conditioner which should be used once a week for 6 weeks. Exciting!

First thing to say is that I found the lightening powder a ball ache. I was there all set up when I found out I needed to open the sachet with scissors. "for goodness sake"... 5 minutes later I was back and filled the bottle with powder which went everywhere! *sigh* All cleaned up and everything mixed together I handed the reigns over to my friend to apply it for me. The hair dye is the consistency of cream and didn't smell bad at all. My friend applied it using a hairdressers comb and so I had no streakage or missed sections. Whilst waiting for it to develop it started to irritate my head and I got that prickly pins and needles feeling that I get when bleaching my head normally. I also kept getting whiffs of bad hair dye smell. The irritation soon eased and overall the irritation was no where near as bad as bleach.

My hair felt really damaged when I washed the dye out and the brass defy conditioner isn't very nourishing. I have used much better nourishing hair dye conditioners. Onto the results. My roots were lightened a lot however it isn't platinum. I have been left with yellow roots in comparison to my platinum white hair. I guess if you were to dye all your hair rather than your roots then the results would be more satisfying. As it stands I'm desperately using silverising shampoo to lighten my roots to match the rest of my hair. Overall I am very happy with this hair dye. Its more or less irritation and smell free and lightens up hair brilliantly. In my opinion it doesn't whiten the hair as much as it says it does but hey ho its a great alternative to bleaching and silverising Shampoo can do the rest. Buy HERE

If your after lightening your hair this is good way to go or check out my TOP TIPS to bleaching your hair if you want to go that way. please follow this blog on BLOGLOVIN and TWITTER - Thankyou for stopping by, Natalie xoxo

Friday, 12 April 2013

Sampling Clinique Skin Care

Easter morning I was presented with something much better than chocolate and that was a bag of Beauty goodys including some clinique skin care samples - score!! These samples are very generous with the liquid soap and moisturiser being 30mls. The eye cream is also generous being 7ml.

The Liquid Facial Soap (dry combination) promises to gently and affectively cleanse skin which gets dry in the cheeks and oily in the T zone. Alas I find this super drying. My skin feels tight and uncomfortable whilst using this. I also feel I need to use a makeup remover before using this to thoroughly remove makeup. Overall I'm not impressed. Sorry Clinique I won't be buying this.

Second up is The Moisture Surge gel-creme. I find that this feels sticky and nasty on the skin. An hour later it settles and my skin feels soft but I don't feel impressed. For a moisture surge I prefer to use a thick luxurious cream. This product also doubles up as a moisture mask - pass! I prefer my Dermotologica Skin Hydrating Masque. Again its sticky and I don't feel like its nourishing my skin. In contrast the Dermotologica Masque melts into the skin and feels as if it isn't there. It also says that the gel-creme an be used over makeup? I have tried this and feel as if its wiping my makeup away.. I don't know about this one. I think I'm going to have to play around with with a bit more.

And finally the All About Eyes Rich cream promises to reduce circles and puffiness. It doesn't reduce darkness, as no eye cream does this. Also I haven't found that this reduces puffiness either to be honest. It's a very thick cream and lies on the skin for a long time. Great for evenings. Not so much for in the day. I haven't found that makeup sits very well on it. The pot is ridiculous aswell. Whilst trying to get the cream out it has embedded itself and is a trial to get out.

Also whilst using all this skincare I have broken out quite badly. I don't think that this skin care is to blame as breakouts happen whatever but it doesn't bode well. I don't want to appear to be a Clinique basher because honstely Their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel has been my all time favourite moisturiser for a long long time (The evidence of love can be found: HERE HERE HERE HERE) However it hasn't been doing it for me lately during the cold weather as I have been prefering thicker and radiance enhancing creams.

Please comment if you use these and want to chare your opinion I would love to hear it, please follow me on BlogLovin and Twitter if you want to hear more from me. All the best and thankyou for stopping by, Natalie xoxo

Thursday, 11 April 2013

MAC saves the day

As a rule I'm not too fussed about MAC. Sure my first flurry into the YouTube makeup world saw me go c-c-c-crazy for the pan shadows and spent a small fortune on them and their 15 pan pallets. But as a brand and in store it just doesn't do it for me. I don't get the excitement I do when I go to a YSL or Chanel counter, say and generally don't get any inspiration. But today everything changed. Sit back, relax and listen to my tale of woe, but with a happy ending.

A fun trip to Brighton soon soured as everything I wanted to buy clothes-wise wasn't in my size and beauty-wise wasn't in stock!! Greatly disheartened by the high street my hopes of beauty fulfilment was dashed when Space NK was out of stock of their Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted moisturiser in Porcelain. When the shop assistant told me this and then proceeded to dig the knife in deeper still by telling me that Laura Mercier themselves are out of the shade too the world turned to black and I felt for a brief moment that I would never smile or laugh again. That from that moment on I would be a shadow of my former self. Even a trip to Lush, a succession of pretty shops in the Laines and an Oreo cupcake and cappuccino in the amazing pink cloud 9 dessert cafe did nothing to lighten my mood. I didn't want anything if I couldn't have Laura Mercier. Even the sound of children's laughter was beginning to grate on me.

Along the way to back to the Haven of Boots beauty department I happened to come across the well known signage of the MAC store. As I have already divulged, I don't care much for the MAC store and  peering through the window it looked particularly full to the brink with wannabe makeup enthusiasts, spoilt daughters shouting at their mums, scenesters... My friend persuaded me to ride the storm and just have a look. With a deep breath I opened the door to MAC land and It wasn't so bad. My sour mood prevented me from feeling intimated by the pushy consumers and, well, pushy salespeople and I actually thoroughly enjoyed my rummage around the monochrome aisles, getting more and more engrossed in the world of makeup.

I have read and seen so much about these products that they are so familiar me. It felt as if they were waving at me, welcoming me like old friends. The blushes caught my eye first and the very girly (yellow-toned) candy pink cremeblend blush in So Sweet, So easy was right down my street and up my garden path. I have used a few cream blushes in my time but I particularly liked the cremeblend creamy texture. I found it very easy to master and blend out and has great pigmentation. SOLD.

As I delved deeper and deeper into MAC land and the back of my hands and arms became cluttered with beauty swatches I stumbled upon the skincare section. The ever ominous Light shade in the BB cream was, as expected, too dark, but as luck would have it their light shade in the studio moisture tint, SPF 15 FYI, was a perfect match for my skin tone. SOLD. My dreams of taking home a tinted moisturiser once and for all, were again, coming true. I stopped breathing when the shop assistant rummaged for my shade and a sigh of relief escaped my lips when all shades were found and I was asked if there was anything else I wanted? There was, but I said no, all the same. I paid for my items and made my way back, through the crowd, and onto the street. I felt as light as air and for the first time, in what felt like an eternity, I cracked a smile. The cloud lifted and I walked back with a skip in my step and a new enthusiasm for life and my future.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Accessorize Merged Baked Blusher - 5 Sensation

Accessorize Makeup is very cute and I imagine a very attractive brand for pre teens. At the tender age of 25 I too was swayed by the cuteness and had a lil splurge about a month ago. Alas most my haul was eyeshadows, which I am yet to actually use (oops) but I have been making full use of the merged baked blusher in sensation.

It is very MAC mineralized skin finish as this product is packed to the brim with sparkle and shine but is great to use as a blush / highlight combo! I wear this high on my cheekbones for a glowing flush. The price point for these products is great too. This baked blusher was £4.45 for 8g and the payoff is great. Sensation was the lightest baby pink in the range and being a little bit on the pale side of things I snapped it up.

So there you go. a  high glow blush at a great price. It's pretty and girly and lovely to use. If you find yourself in a superdrug, accessorize or monsoon and want to treat yourself I recommend you give one of these a whirl. I hope you enjoyed this. Please follow me on bloglovin and twitter. all the best Natalie xoxo

Monday, 8 April 2013

Mini Illamasqua Easter Haul

Over the Easter weekend Illamasqua did an egg hunt promotion where certain items were Half price. On the Friday it was the turn of nail varnishes and low and behold: Throb; the stunning blood red was being sold for £7 - SOLD! On Easter monday I read on Twitter that Illamasqua were doing a 10% off sale. So off I trotted to AGAIN, this time to pick up Hollow; The lush toffee brown cream pigment I have been eyeing since they came out with the toxic nature collection. Which, FYI, is my favourite Illamasqua collection to date. As a double bonus I got an extra 10% ontop of my Easter discount because this was my third order! Hooray!! how good is that? That Illamasqua reward their loyal customers by giving them 10% off most items online and in Illamasqua stores. Illamasqua is fast becoming one of my favourite makeup brands. I love the ethos of the company and the quality of the products is amazing!! I tell you though, I wish there were more stores, my closest town, Brighton, is calling out for makeup for your alter ego!!

Now onto my first thoughts. I'm loving Hollow alot. its the perfect pale toffee brown which will contour my pale skin a treat!! Exceptionally pigmented and blends seamlessly. I like how the pot is small and dainty and will travel well; in contrast to their blushes, which I find a little bulky! Throb is the classic blue toned red and is very 1940's. As it's described as blood red I was expecting it to be darker but alas I love it all the same. It applies very well and is opaque in one coat alone. Et voila a mini Easter haul. I expect there will be more indepth product reviews in the weeks to come. I hope you enjoyed this. Please follow me on bloglovin and twitter. all the best xoxo Natalie

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


A few weeks ago I signed up to Charlotte Tilbury's newsletter in the bid to win a pot of her infamous magic cream... and do you adam and eve it - I won!! My substantial pot arrived yesterday and I'm overjoyed. Charlotte's Magic cream is her own secret "hand-blended moisturising potion" to give her clients a radiant glow and perfect base for makeup. Charlotte promotes oil-rich creams to help lift complexion, highlight cheekbones and soothe and comfort stressed out skin. As Charlotte couldn't find a cream that did the job she created her own.

Charlotte's magic cream is just that: Its a super thick, rich cream that on application melts into the skin, giving it a beautiful radiance. I'm sensitive to smells so the sickly-sweet floral notes to this were a little bit off putting at first but as the cream is so fabulous I sucked it up and went for it. As a previous thin moisturiser lover I am converted and vow to use thick creams to plump and pamper my skin into old age. My only qualm is that once it runs out that's it, unless Charlotte wants to start selling it??

I first became acqainted with Charlotte Tilbury and her work through Lisa Eldridge's makeup channel on Youtube, were she did a guest tutorial of her Kate Moss Vogue Paris cover. It was a lush bright red lip and beautiful contoured and highlighted skin. I was hooked. I am also obsessed with her recent Tom Ford runway look and her stunning March issue of Bristish Vogue on he stunning Cara Delevigne. She's a true talent and an inspiration. I think I want to be a make up artist like Charlotte when I grow up. xoxo Check out Charlotte's WEBSITE HERE

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Favourites

Hello and welcome to another month of beauty favourites - I hope you enjoy and get some ideas for your next shopping trip.

I am still loving No7 Instant radiance Beauty Balm. After moisturising I apply this to my skin to give it a much needed moisture boost this incredibly cold and nasty march. I have also still been particularly loving my Elizabeth Arden eight Hour Cream. It's just a fabulous lip balm. I also use it on dry patches on my face and cuticles and it helps them out a treat.

This month I have been wearing my l7 Mirror Shine lipstick in camisole with my Maybelline Color Sensational lip pencil in Sweet Pink - a lot . It creates the prettiest pink nude lip and I'm in love.

To give myself a subtle bronze glow I have been enjoying my Body Shop bronzing powder in fair matte. Like the name suggests its a fair matte bronzer which works really well on my fair skin tone. I have been applying it with my real Techniques blush brush and i have fallen head over heels in love with it again! It is sooo soft and applies the product really well. Love!!!

My skin has been on the combination side of things in march and my large pores and nasty black heads have been the bane of my life. Cue me running back to my beloved St Ives Apricot scrub to help the situation. And finally I been enjoying my Body Shop 'Vanilla Bliss' Shower gel. I'm obsessed with the smell of this. It smells of creme brule FYI. The Body Shop released this with their christmas limited edition stock and I'm starting to panic somewhat as its nearly up. I truly hope The Body Shop bring this back next christmas... and if they do I am stocking up big time. I buying the body butter, body scrub, the bar of soap.. EVERYTHING. It smells that good!!

Anyway that is it - My march favourite products. I hope you enjoyed this!! If so check out my FEBRUARY FAVOURITES and please follow me on BLOGLOVIN - all the best Natalie xoxo

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Camisole

One of my new favourites!! Recently I posted on my signature makeup and exclaimed how much I love pink nude lipsticks. No other nude or any other shade cuts the mustard and unfortunately finding the right shade is a nightmare. And the drug store / high street is particularly bad for pink nude options. Needing a makeup fix last week I decided to the stalk Boots aisles until 17's Camisole jumped out at me. At £4.75 they are also one of the cheapest lipsticks that Boots sells so I was double impressed. The mirror shine lipsticks are along the same lines as Chanel rouge coco shines. They are more balm than colour and camisole in particular doesn't come up very well. It literally just gives you a glossy tint of pink nude. I like it lots but unfortunately it doesn't photograph very well. It slides on a treat however it has a slight waxy feel it to it on the lips. It doesn't smell of anything which can't be a bad thing. But what's novel about these lipsticks is the slide out mirror in the lid. Fabulous for on the go application. Overall I am very impressed with this. Its actually quite a chic little tube aswell and almost looks premium.  I enjoy pairing this with Maybellines lipliner in sweet pink. Two big thumbs up.