Saturday, 16 March 2013

Skin Care Winter/Spring 2013

As I get older, and learn more about makeup and beauty I guess, my interest in skin care products grows. I want to look glowing and refreshed but I want my pores and blemishes and any dryness or oily-ness to "do one". Through my teens I was very oily but slowly my skin has balanced itself out! I'm 25 and would class myself with combination skin. I suffer with large pores on my Tzone and every now and then the odd pimple will break out especially around my chin. I have a little darkness under my eyes and a few lines but no visible signs of ageing yet. I have laughter lines around my mouth. Overall I think I have really good skin - woop - which I can only contribute to a mixture of genes, lifestyle and luck.... and the skin care products I use!! Well I truly hope so with the amount of money I have spent and Will spend on beauty products for the rest of my life!! Here are the skincare products I have been using for the past 2 months. Enjoy xoxo

First of all I want to talk about face cleaning products. Hands up in the air I am a hot cloth cleanser convert and cant think of anything better to cleanse my skin than with Liz Earle's offering or the cheaper alternative but lovely all the same No 7 hot cloth cleanser. I adore using this product so much, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and lovely and it removes makeup and grime a treat - win. Then we have the almighty Bioderma Crealine Solution Micellaire. I have been using it for two years now and I'm not getting bored of it! Then we have a Vichy toner. I only use this when I have spotty skin. I find it dries them out nicely. And finally we have a long standing favourite of mine. I think I mentioned it in my Products of greatness post in 2010!! The St Ives blemish fighting Apricot scrub. This is the best face scrub I have ever used. It feels like your massaging sand into your face but It really works and at £4.99 it's bargainous.

Now we have moisturisers. My favourite at the moment is Olay's Multi-radiance moisturising lotion SPF15. I have loved this since it was released in 2005 I think it was. It's specified at combination skins and is fabulous. It smells gorgeous and gives your skin a lush glow. Then we have my long standing favourite premium product Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. Again this is for combination / oily skin types and just melts into the skin. Lovely. I have fallen in love with No7 Radiance Beauty Balm. This has been an amazing edition to my skin care regime this winter, it just makes your skin glow. It is highlight for your whole face. I go crazy with it - its amazing and smells of fruit salad (those pink and orange sweets you got with blackjacks) - enough said.

In regards to eye care, Bioderma and the No7 hot cloth cleanser are both eye friendly so I don't need to worry about messing about with products especially formulated for the eyes. I use the No7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream to moisturise. When I remember to use it I like to slather it on my "crow feet" area. It moisturises well and melts into the skin without feeling tacky or irritating.

And finally we have a territory which I have only just entered and that is of the night time treatments and serums!! I bought the Alpha-H liquid Gold after a crazy amount of hype it was getting and I'm glad I did. Granted it stings sometimes on application but in the morning your skin is left feeling soft and supple and I find that any blemishes that I have do decrease the morning after. And finally I introduce to you my very first serum I have ever bought and of which I bought by mistake: The No7 Overnight Radiance Boost serum I use this under my Clinique moisturiser before bed to give my skin an extra something something. I'm due to give this an in depth review soon, so look out for that.

And that is it. All the skincare that I have been using since the new year. I expect I will do another one of these during the summer when my skin care evolves more around skin protection and regeneration. I hope this has been interesting. Please ask any questions you may have in the comments and please follow! All the best, Natalie xoxo

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