Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Moroccon Oil Treatment Light is specifically formulated for fine and or light coloured hair. As I have both it was the perfect decision to chose this one over the original. Presumably the original oil would be too heavy for my hair type. I have very short hair and I bleach it and as such it frizzes. No matter what moisturising / for damaged / for frizzy shampoo and conditioner I use, when my hair dries it will frizz out and stand on end. Moroccon oil diminishes this. As soon as I massage this through wet hair my hair is suddenly tamed. And whats more I find that my hair stays in a better condition for longer when I use this. Ordinarily I need to wash my hair daily (As I have greasy roots - it all happens to me :-( ) but when I use the moroccon oil I can leave two to three days. Its fabulous. It contains argan oil and, according to the blurb, fortifies hair, improves elasticity, moisturizes strands, and shields against harmful environmental stressors, while specifically targeting the more delicate needs of fine-textured hair. But I am definitely inclined to believe the write up. It is the colour of nut oil (a browner shade to that of the generic olive oil). I use a finger tips worth and massage through. Done. 25ml retails around the £13 mark and 100ml retail around £30. the end. Hope you enjoyed this mini review. For more of the same please follow :-) xoxox

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