Monday, 22 October 2012

In-flight Beauty Regime

After taking inspiration from Lisa Eldridge's long haul flight beauty regime video, see below, I too compiled my own long haul in-fight beauty bag when I went a holidaying... I de-potted my face mask, hand cream and moisturiser into 15ml pots and Bioderma into a 100ml bottle. Be warned all liquids have to fit into those measley little plastic bags at the airport so be mindlful of this. I hope this is useful. xoxo

Bioderma Crealine H2O
Dermatologica hydrating face masque
Atrixo Hand cream
tooth paste (not pictured)
No7 protect and perfect eye cream
Olay multi-radiance moisturiser
Paul Mitchell moisture mist hydrating spray
Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream

Cotton pads
Compact mirror

Once the plane had taken off I used bioderma to give my skin an extra clean and then I spritzed my face and my hair with Paul Mitchells hydrating spray. I applied two thin layers of Dermatologica hydrating face mask and applied lots of eyecream and 8hr cream to my lips and cuticals, aswell as hand cream.

Throughout the flight I had the handcream and 8hr cream out on the table to reuse every so often. Half way through the flight I reapplied. When we were and hour to 45 minutes away I usedthe bioderma again aswell as wash my face in the bathroom and cleaned my teeth. Moisturised my skin and reapplied eye cream, 8hr cream and hand cream - and voila!!

On the way home I wasn't so great at keeping up with my beauty regime. I did the first step but asit was a night flight and I was cream crackered and slept (in fits) through out the flight I ended up washing the face mask off at home (eek). But cest la vie.

I definitely think undertaking some sort of beauty regime on long haul flights is a good idea, it gives you something to do aswell as making you feel refreshed and revived on landing (if you keep it up :-))

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