Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hello all the most annoying thing has just recently occured... we are encountering the first flush of real cold weather here in the UK, for months. It has been snowing in places and everything.

As I type my lips are cracked and chapped and sore and feel like they are burning, blotches of dry skin are appearing around my mouth area, my nose is irritated and running and my hands are dry to the bone. I need miracle cures to help solve my problem areas and let me live my life to the full. I have written a few overviews of products, that I heart, which have really come into their own this cold spell. 

As a aside - As I suffer with combination skin I find that aswell as combatting the dry patches I have to deal with my oily T zone too. Check out a few products that help combat bi-polar skin and are comforting and "lush" to use in the first installment of BECAUSE WINTER HATES YOUR FACE

First up is my much beloved Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream. To call it a cream is a bit misleading, as, infact, it is a petroleum jelly with extras. It is highly moisturising and truly does help with dry skin. Be warned though it isn't a cure, you do have to keep applying it, but once applied it lasts a while and really feels like your skin has a protectant layer. I use this on my lips mostly, also aound my nails and on any really dry patches anywhere on my skin. It has a strong herbal scent so you may find it a tad over powering. I know Elizabeth Arden sell a fragrance free 8 hour cream too. I also know this is a firm favourite with many top makeup artists too. I bought this for around £5 on EBay.

Second is my newly acquired The Body Shop Hemp hand protector. It smells like soil and emulates new age incence etc, but it is really geat stuff. It has a clay masque like quality to it but it melts into the skin beautifully and leaves them really moisturised again. I love the paint tube packaging. It is great for throwing in your bag on the go as the twisty lid keeps the product well secured and there is little chance of it shattering or leaking. Love. I bought this in store. I took advantage of a 'buy one get one half price' offer. If your quick to the post you might get this offer too.

Third is my Dermalogica hydrating masque. I used this on the plane and found it was fabulous at keeping my skin hydrated. It is really very good. During the winter it is really a good idea to keep your skin nourished by giving it a weekly treat, at the least. Give yourself a hydrating masque to give your skin a really great deep nourishment.


  1. I ahve heard the The Body Shop Hemp hand protector is great for eczema, might have to have a look at it!

    1. Definitely do its good stuff :-) xxx

  2. Great post! Dermalogica do great products! Xx