Thursday, 20 September 2012

Product review: Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume shampoo and conditioner

Not the most exciting topic in the world nor the most luxurious but as there's so much choice out there I think shampoo and conditioner is important to review. I'm between my cut and colour at the minute and have dry ends and greasy roots so I found looking for a shampoo/conditioner to cater for this a real problem. As I am planning to get my hair bleached at the end of the month all I needed was a little something to keep me going.

Apart from being greasy and dry my hair, in a nutshell, is fine and lifeless, so I decided to go for a volumising shampoo/conditioner duo - Herbal Essences in Uplifting Volume. Not just volume - uplifting volume!! Snazzy, for fine/normal hair...with passion flower and pearl extracts.

I got each 200ml bottle for £1.75 from Morrisons and was definitely attracted by the packaging to buy this over the other brands. I think Herbal Essences rebranded about 3/4 years ago, which I think was a good call . their packaging is bright and funky and the bottles shaped in a 'ying n yang' style to encourage the purchase of both shampoo and conditioner, which is clever.

I definitely found I had much more lift to my hair and my roots felt very clean and nourished. My coloured/damage ends haven't faired as well by this, but I guess that is to be expected. I put on my Maccadamia oil and serum on the roots to nourish them better. A note on the smell - both shampoo and conditioner smell the same - a slight note of citrus fruit but mostly are very chemically smelling.

Overall The Herbal Essences does its job at giving my hair a good clean and condition. I found no build up of residue or fizzy flyaway ends, which I find with lots of the very cheap brands available (I.e: Avon - shudder). After using this duo a while I have to say I really like it. If your on a budget definitely give this shampoo a go. xoxo


  1. I really like Herbal Esscences, one of my favourite shampoo/conditioner brands :) x

  2. My mother always complains that Herbal Essences products have a really strong smell and she almost never buys it. She started using the Shielo Volume Shampoo (cause she still needs the volume). Well - I tried it and OMG - I love the smell and it volumizes alot better! Shielo is known for having scents and leaves my hair clean, shiny, and smelling amazing. Plus I use less per wash, so its actually cheaper per wash than the herbal essences. Well worth it!

  3. I like Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner, it smells lovely and suits my hair. However, i don't think any volumising shampoos actually work, on me personally. I have mega long hair though so the weight of it probably pulls any lift down. For volume i have to use rollers! x

  4. I haven't used Herbal Essences in years but I'm forever on the hunt for something to give me more volume so I'll give this a go next time I'm buying shampoo! x