Thursday, 20 September 2012

Product review: Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume shampoo and conditioner

Not the most exciting topic in the world nor the most luxurious but as there's so much choice out there I think shampoo and conditioner is important to review. I'm between my cut and colour at the minute and have dry ends and greasy roots so I found looking for a shampoo/conditioner to cater for this a real problem. As I am planning to get my hair bleached at the end of the month all I needed was a little something to keep me going.

Apart from being greasy and dry my hair, in a nutshell, is fine and lifeless, so I decided to go for a volumising shampoo/conditioner duo - Herbal Essences in Uplifting Volume. Not just volume - uplifting volume!! Snazzy, for fine/normal hair...with passion flower and pearl extracts.

I got each 200ml bottle for £1.75 from Morrisons and was definitely attracted by the packaging to buy this over the other brands. I think Herbal Essences rebranded about 3/4 years ago, which I think was a good call . their packaging is bright and funky and the bottles shaped in a 'ying n yang' style to encourage the purchase of both shampoo and conditioner, which is clever.

I definitely found I had much more lift to my hair and my roots felt very clean and nourished. My coloured/damage ends haven't faired as well by this, but I guess that is to be expected. I put on my Maccadamia oil and serum on the roots to nourish them better. A note on the smell - both shampoo and conditioner smell the same - a slight note of citrus fruit but mostly are very chemically smelling.

Overall The Herbal Essences does its job at giving my hair a good clean and condition. I found no build up of residue or fizzy flyaway ends, which I find with lots of the very cheap brands available (I.e: Avon - shudder). After using this duo a while I have to say I really like it. If your on a budget definitely give this shampoo a go. xoxo

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

YSL lipsticks

Here's a little cosmetic porn to brighten your day ;-). YSL packaging screams high end chic and non more than their lipsticks. They were pricey at £22 each (now sell for £23.50 - inflation's a bitch) but hey ho. One needs to splurge and pamper oneself every now and then. Check out YSL's full range of lipsticks on

The cylindrical lippie is the Rouge Veloupte in No 2 (Blond Sensuel) - a pink based nude which smells of watermelon. The consistency is very creamy and is prone to caking and highlighting any cracks on your lips if you are not careful. It is very much a 'your lips but better' shade. Aesthetically I like this packaging the best and has a little mirror on top of the lid for 'on the go' application. You also get more bang for your buck with 4 grams of product. Boots say:
A nutri-protective vegetal complex nourishes your lips, keeping them smooth, soft and comfortable. New Rouge Volupte lipstick has a glossy film that reflects the light, and the colorshine complex that magnifies the colour. 

The cuboid lippie is the Fard A Levre rouge Pur in No 148 (Rose The) which smells of vanilla and plasticine. Weird. This one is much glossier in texture and glides over the lips much easier than the rouge veloupte. It is more of a 'pale your lips out' pink based nude, nude. It has a SPF of 8, which is a bonus, too. I prefer this lipstick over all due to the consistency and colour. Unfortunately you get a bit less product at 3.5 grams and I wouldn't say this was particularly long lasting at all. Boots say:
Yves Saint Laurent's Pure Matt Lipstick helps to strengthen the lips' natural defences. Its dermatologically developed formula also assists hydration (with bee and candellila waxes) and protects against the sun's harmful effects. Perfect mattness and evenness. Matt, intense, comfortable, long-lasting. A genuine treatment for your lips on each application.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Exotic Bronzing Blush

Here's another I product that I have been loving in my collection (check out my favourite brow colour of the moment HERE) and is the best colour on the cheeks. It looks stunning with a tan (or as close to a tan as I get) or as a warm flush when I'm at my palest in the winter. It is a bright pink and bronzer swirled together, which when applied creates the most beautiful 'peachy-pink' blush. There is also shimmer running through it, which adds to the glow it gives to your complexion. Unfortunately this was limited edition 2 years ago now  - but I think, although I haven't actually compared, that this is an NARS orgasm dupe. Sleek also do a dupe at £3.99 in Superdrug. xoxo

Friday, 7 September 2012

MAC Omega Eyeshadow

Not the most exciting blogpost or product in the world, but this really is a great product, for fair haired girls and boys, to use on their brows. I am yet to use a light brow pencil which isn't warm toned, this shadow is a ashy taupe and is perfect at filling in my brows, without them looking too structured or defined. MAC describe this shade as a 'soft muted beige taupe'. I have recently rediscovered this in my collection and cannot get enough of it. As you have probably noticed it smashed - That was a sad day I tell you. You can buy it in store on online HERE. Unfortunately It is pricey though at £10 for the Pro pallet refill pan and even more at £12.00 for the individual shadow. it is definitely one to look at if your yet to find the right light eyebrow shade though. xoxo

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Barry M: Peach Melba

I bought this last winter but only decided to wear this a few days ago. I think time has thickened this somewhat because it was akin to water when first purchased. Although it is thicker it still needed 3 coats to be opaque. I was going to say 'beautiful' but honestly I don't like the colour at all. I thought it would work, but it just doesn't. Barry M polishes are one of the cheapest in the market, though, so at £2.99, it isn't that much of a tragedy. To add insult to injury my application of it is shocking; please observe 'how not to paint your nails.' That is all - Have a great day :-) xoxo

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Product Review: YSL Le Teint Touché Ecat foundation

This foundation has intrigued me a while; first off, because the bottle is very, very fancy. I like the packaging a lot! It's so sleek and oozes premium quality. Truth be told; YSL is my favourite cosmetic packaging full stop. It's just gorgeous. End of... The write up on this one is rather impressive and stands out above other foundations on the market. The spiel a nut shell is that YSL has created a foundation based on their world famous Touche eclat highlighting pen and has resolved to succeed in replacing the opaque powders in foundations, which ordinarily create a mask-like effect, with "soft focus gel", which is supposed to create a diffusing and translucient film on the skin that smoothes out imperfections, but without masking the skin. Read the rest of the write up and buy it, I guess, at Feel Unique (at the time of writing this Feel Unique has a sale on and is selling this for £23.80 with free delivery).

I got a nifty 7 day trial bottle in store and found B10 (LHS in picture) too light so I returned and a darker shade: BD20 (RHS in picture). Finding the right shade in foundation is the bane of my life, as 5 minutes in the sun or out of it, apparently, drastically changes my skin tone. The right colour really makes the difference. This foundation is available in 22 shades and are split into 3 tones: Beige - cool toned, Beige Rose - warm toned and Beige Doire - doire meaning nude, so I expect this means a mixture of warmth and cool, creating a neutral tone. I like this aspect alot. I find lots of ranges of foundations go on one side or the other and having a range of both really allows this foundation to cater for more people. A win win.

My trial run of this has been positve, I find the coverage great and it evens out my skin tone very well. True it isn't high coverage, but in my humble opinion, lighter coverage foundations are easier to work with and look much nicer on the skin. It's a case of "less is more" and go back over imperfections with concealer. I wore this foundation on a bad skin day and it didn't have any adverse affects. The next day my skin was clearing up and in the best condition it has been in for a while. I'm not saying it has skin repairing properties, only that it did not add to the skin problems. I found that the foundation gave a beautiful healthy radiance to the skin and lasted all night. I dusted my face with setting powder, but regardless it stayed on and I'm not so lucky with other foundations. On appliction, effect and wearability it gets three big thumbs up!!

Is there anything bad I can say about this?? well I don't like the smell. I'm sensitive to smells and with so much on the market, the smell can be a deal breaker. It doesn't repulse me like the Chanel foundations but even so, It isn't the best. I also find that it is gives you the same dewy radiant glow to you skin as my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation (which, FYI, smells amazing and is 1/3 of the price). See my review on this HERE. YSL le teint touche eclat foundation retails, ordinarily at £28, which is good for a premium foundation, which are all around the £30 mark. Will I buy the full size? I think I will, however I am very interested in trying out the shade matching technology No7 have at the moment so perhaps I'll go No7 instead, or, hell, get both. xoxo