Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Rave Review: Dr. Jart+ Waterfuse Beauty Balm

"Is this love, is this love, is this love that I'm feeling??"

This is the first BB cream I have ever used and I must say I am impressed. A beauty balm is described as a dense, creamy product which acts in place of your serum, moisturiser, foundation and concealer. It has SPF included and lightening agents. Originating from Asia, BB creams were first produced to be used on people who had just had laser surgery. I have read alot of blogs that rant on about how the BB creams on the American and European markets are glorified tinted moisturisers. I couldn't comment on this, not having used a BB cream from Asia, instead, I'm going to review merely on how I find the product. That's it. I hope this is helpful. Enjoy xoxo

I found this on a stand-alone shelf in Boots and it has intrigued me a while. Whilst researching BB creams this, again, stood out, as the product to buy. There are four Dr. Jart Beauty Balms available, which cater for different skin types. The waterfuse Beauty Balm was the best for my skin type and, as luck would have it, is the cheapest at £18 (for 50ml). A quick note on prices. On average you expect to spend £8 to £13 on BB creams on the highstreet, so for £5 more your getting a nicer feeling product that is better for your skin. on the other side of the spectrum you can pay £30 and beyond, well beyond I'm sure. I have spent many an hour dabbing cream on different sections on my face and have to say, from maybelline to Estee Lauder, I have been unimpressed with all the other BB creams in Boots.

The product sounded so great, all except the one 'universal' shade it comes in. Many people had described it as warm toned and unfortunately warm toned (or pinky based) foundations look horrific on me. Also, to add insult to injury, there are no testers and £18 is alot of money for something that might not look right. But I took the proverbial bullet and bought it. Thankfully I have found it a good colour match for my fair and yellow based skin tone (MAC NC20).

Ooh it has pretty packaging. A cool teal green metallic box and small, fat squeezy tube. Tres chic. That's all I can say about it really. I like alot. On to the added benefits, this is filled with... (cue technical expert..)... tons of antitoxins and really greats things for your skin, including an SPF of 25. The product, comes out the tube, a dense and creamy consistency, but when you blend into the skin, it feels to be 'liquifying'. As funny as that sounds - you feel like your blending water into your skin. It's a nice cooling and hydrating sensation. The only bad thing I can say about this is that it streaks if your not careful. In fact blending this in can be quite tricky (and reminds me of sauce which has split or hasn't been mixed properly if you know what I mean).  I smooth out any streak marks by pressing and patting my face after blending thoroughly.

Once applied this makes your skin look so radiant and fresh. I find that it evens my skin tone and gives a light-medium coverage. I go in with extra concealer under my eyes and on any prominent marks, redness and blemishes I may have. Ooh and I have quite deep pores either side of my nose so I need extra coverage there too. So if you want great coverage this isn't for you. Overall it makes your skin feel awesome. So hydrated and beautiful. Plus its so quick and easy and saves tonnes of time in the mornings. I find that this doesn't make my skin oily, in fact when I use this I find that my skin actually look fresh and lovely all day. For my skin type and what I want out of my foundation slash skincare, I think this is the Bees Knees - official holy Grail material over here. Genuinely very happy that I got this. That is all. xoxo 

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