Thursday, 16 August 2012

Product Review: Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser

Here is a post on the cheap and cheerful alternative to the mighty Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleaner, which I LOVE (see my review HERE). The Vitamin E range is a Superdrug owned brand for normal to dry skin types. This concerns me slightly as The Liz Earle caters for everyone. As I have combination skin I'm hoping this won't prove incompatible. I decided to bite the bullet regardless as it retails for £5.99 (or right now at superdrug it's going for £3.99 for the purchase of two items from the Vitamin E range - bargainous) and as your getting a wopping 200ml for your buck this is substantially cheaper than a 200ml tube of Liz Earle, which retails at £23!

The text on the front is a sticker, which isn't the best. I imagine as time goes by it'll peel and look nasty. thumbs down. I guess it keeps costs down, so it's not really a problem but theres no lux, premium quality to this.

Just reading the box, it says to avoid the delicate eye area. Rubbish. The Liz Earle and the No7 counterparts both allow you to do this and is a big part of the appeal. Liz Earle takes off eye makeup like a champ. The smell of this however is lovely. It smells like coconut. It is a thick white cream, which feels lovely on the skin. The muslin cloth which comes with it is substantial and take the cleanser off no problem. I couldn't say my face feels refreshed after using this but definitely moisturised. I felt like there was a film over my face when I finished. So I think this will better suited for me when my skin is in need of greater hydration and moisturisation in the winter.

Overall this cleanse and polish is my least favourite that I have tried and in my humble opinion has nothing on Liz Earle or No7 (see previous posts on this HERE and HERE). However if you suffer from very dry skin this might be better for you as it is catered for your skin type especially. But if not Liz Earle all the way. xoxo

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