Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Product Review: Clarins Hydroquench cooling cream-gel

Finally we are finished. this moisturiser has been the good, the bad and the ugly... I wrote a comparison post with my beloved Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel in the style of a boxing match (see HERE). But the big question is: After using this for a year, how has it stood up on its own merit? Let's see...

The good?
The packaging is gorgeous. It oozes premium quality - it is a weighty sophisticated blue glass jar with a sophisticated white twist off lid, with gold rim. It Had its moments as impressing me but not as a day cream, but as a night cream. It does feel cooling on the skin and mine felt very soft and subtle in the morning.

The bad?
It made my face sticky and on some days would make my skin really greasy. It just didn't melt into my skin as well I wanted it too. I was actually quite miffed that I had spent so much money on this (a hefty £35) on a product to my mind didn't deliver as well as I wanted it too. Sorry Clarins I will not be repurchasing.

The ugly?
The cream was too thick for my liking and left a bit of a film on my skin. Plus I hated the floral smell; AND I swear the product was evaporating at an astounding rate too. Booo...

And here we are - at the end of the review and the end of Clarins Hydroquench cooling cream-gel. The lesson of the day is 'don't judge a book by its cover' because this moisturiser is more style than substance...out. xoxo

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