Sunday, 29 July 2012

summer loving

Oo as we have summer for ten minutes I thought I would endorse a few products and tips and tricks I have been adopting to protect my skin from harmful UV rays. So here we are..

I use a SPF for my body and another for my face. Chances are a facial SPF (I use the Clinique Super City Block in SPF40) will be much gentler on the skin and will have moisturising agents etc specially formulated for the more sensitive area of the face. Also they are mostly a beigey colour which is much more flattering than a white cast all over suncream. In regards to SPF on your body, remember the tops of your feet and take special attention to the back of your neck, decolletage and shoulders. See my Garnier suncare post HERE. I'll be sure to write up an individual product review on my Clinique facial SPF40 soon.

Second I'm moisturising well in the evening. I have Clarins HydraQuench Cooling Cream-Gel for hot climates which is very soothing if your skin is hot and flustered. And obviously an aftersun moisturiser is perfect to put the right nutrients back into your skin which the sun has starved it of.

I've also just invested in a hat and I love. It takes the glare out of your face and protects your scalp. I also Carry a pair of sunglasses with me all year round and whenever there is a glare of sunshine I pop them on, even in winter. This will help prevent squinting and premature crows-feet. And finally, unless my outfit calls for it, as a rule I like to wear light t shirts to cover my shoulders and decotage completely - like your face that area catches the sun first and Im trying desperately to prevent leather chest and overtly liney face by the time I'm thirty five. Always remember to protect yourself and keep yourself healthy in the sun. xoxoxo

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