Sunday, 29 July 2012

'spensive haircare

I don't spend anywhere near as much on haircare as I do on makeup and skincare. I'll happily drop £22 on a lipstick apparently but not on hair treatments. But yesterday I took the plunge. I recently had my hair cut at 'centre Stage' - a L'oreal owned hair salon and their little haircare shop looked so inviting that I just had to go back and sample a few bits and pieces. I left with a Moroccan Oil Light hair treatment - for light coloured hair and/or fine hair (£13.95 25ml) and Paul Mitchell spray wax (£12.99 125ml)...

So what are my thoughts? Is it a good thing that I spent the extra dollar on my hair? Well the Paul Mitchell spray wax is awesome - it's so easy to use. You just spray in your hair then mess up. Done. I would say though, it might be an idea to take the bottle in your bag, if your on the go, as I found my hair flagging by mid evening last night. And the Moroccan oil? Well so far so good... You apply it to wet or dry hair and then style as normal. When using it my hair feels soft and supple but I can't really say much on the long term effects. I'll hopefully do a more in depth review after a month or so.

In conclusion I am happy with my purchases and are worth the money for sure. I'm only worried that I have opened Pandoras box and I will forever be a slave to premium brands - Koretase shampoo and conditioner are on my 'To Buy' list.

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