Saturday, 28 July 2012

Giving-In to the Hype: Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Ok ok I got caught up in the hype net of Alpha-H liquid gold (RRP £31.50 for 100ml on and I'm so happy to say that I love this too and as such have joined the liquid gold bandwagon and official fan club. It is an advanced night treatment used to improve the condition of your skin. For me it reduces pore sizes and I'm hoping will reduce marks and scars on my face.

It is a transparent, water-like, substance which you squeeze onto a cotton pad and then swipe on your face, neck and decolletage. Avoiding the delicate eye and lip area. The bottle highlights that you might feel discomfort, due to the glycolic acid in it, and I can confirm that it actually does sting slightly and although it eases off with frequent use, every time I leave this and come back to it, after a week or so, it stings again. It was actually quite uncomfortable last night - but I persevered.

In the morning your skin is very soft and supple and after time my pores are actually visibly smaller and those pesky blackheads which used to dominate my face are now stuff of legend... Untill... I stopped using it for a week or two and they came back!!!! That is a big BUT with this, and with beauty products in general, that they really help the condition of your skin until you stop using them. So it is with a heavy heart that I must come to the conclusion that there's no miracle cure. Time, hormones/genomes and lifestyle will bugger your skin one way or the other, but Liquid-Gold will help the process along for as long as you use it. Apart from the shocker that this liquid-gold doesn't have magical skin regenerating powers; it does however make your skin appear much clearer, very glowing and overall appears very healthy, and for that I will repurchase. xoxo

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