Sunday, 29 July 2012

'spensive haircare

I don't spend anywhere near as much on haircare as I do on makeup and skincare. I'll happily drop £22 on a lipstick apparently but not on hair treatments. But yesterday I took the plunge. I recently had my hair cut at 'centre Stage' - a L'oreal owned hair salon and their little haircare shop looked so inviting that I just had to go back and sample a few bits and pieces. I left with a Moroccan Oil Light hair treatment - for light coloured hair and/or fine hair (£13.95 25ml) and Paul Mitchell spray wax (£12.99 125ml)...

So what are my thoughts? Is it a good thing that I spent the extra dollar on my hair? Well the Paul Mitchell spray wax is awesome - it's so easy to use. You just spray in your hair then mess up. Done. I would say though, it might be an idea to take the bottle in your bag, if your on the go, as I found my hair flagging by mid evening last night. And the Moroccan oil? Well so far so good... You apply it to wet or dry hair and then style as normal. When using it my hair feels soft and supple but I can't really say much on the long term effects. I'll hopefully do a more in depth review after a month or so.

In conclusion I am happy with my purchases and are worth the money for sure. I'm only worried that I have opened Pandoras box and I will forever be a slave to premium brands - Koretase shampoo and conditioner are on my 'To Buy' list.

summer loving

Oo as we have summer for ten minutes I thought I would endorse a few products and tips and tricks I have been adopting to protect my skin from harmful UV rays. So here we are..

I use a SPF for my body and another for my face. Chances are a facial SPF (I use the Clinique Super City Block in SPF40) will be much gentler on the skin and will have moisturising agents etc specially formulated for the more sensitive area of the face. Also they are mostly a beigey colour which is much more flattering than a white cast all over suncream. In regards to SPF on your body, remember the tops of your feet and take special attention to the back of your neck, decolletage and shoulders. See my Garnier suncare post HERE. I'll be sure to write up an individual product review on my Clinique facial SPF40 soon.

Second I'm moisturising well in the evening. I have Clarins HydraQuench Cooling Cream-Gel for hot climates which is very soothing if your skin is hot and flustered. And obviously an aftersun moisturiser is perfect to put the right nutrients back into your skin which the sun has starved it of.

I've also just invested in a hat and I love. It takes the glare out of your face and protects your scalp. I also Carry a pair of sunglasses with me all year round and whenever there is a glare of sunshine I pop them on, even in winter. This will help prevent squinting and premature crows-feet. And finally, unless my outfit calls for it, as a rule I like to wear light t shirts to cover my shoulders and decotage completely - like your face that area catches the sun first and Im trying desperately to prevent leather chest and overtly liney face by the time I'm thirty five. Always remember to protect yourself and keep yourself healthy in the sun. xoxoxo

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Giving-In to the Hype: Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Ok ok I got caught up in the hype net of Alpha-H liquid gold (RRP £31.50 for 100ml on and I'm so happy to say that I love this too and as such have joined the liquid gold bandwagon and official fan club. It is an advanced night treatment used to improve the condition of your skin. For me it reduces pore sizes and I'm hoping will reduce marks and scars on my face.

It is a transparent, water-like, substance which you squeeze onto a cotton pad and then swipe on your face, neck and decolletage. Avoiding the delicate eye and lip area. The bottle highlights that you might feel discomfort, due to the glycolic acid in it, and I can confirm that it actually does sting slightly and although it eases off with frequent use, every time I leave this and come back to it, after a week or so, it stings again. It was actually quite uncomfortable last night - but I persevered.

In the morning your skin is very soft and supple and after time my pores are actually visibly smaller and those pesky blackheads which used to dominate my face are now stuff of legend... Untill... I stopped using it for a week or two and they came back!!!! That is a big BUT with this, and with beauty products in general, that they really help the condition of your skin until you stop using them. So it is with a heavy heart that I must come to the conclusion that there's no miracle cure. Time, hormones/genomes and lifestyle will bugger your skin one way or the other, but Liquid-Gold will help the process along for as long as you use it. Apart from the shocker that this liquid-gold doesn't have magical skin regenerating powers; it does however make your skin appear much clearer, very glowing and overall appears very healthy, and for that I will repurchase. xoxo

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


First up has been mentioned before but I love it still - it's the Jemma Kidd dewy glow all over radiance cream in iced gold. Cannot. get. enough. of. this. stuff... It makes your face shine!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. End. Second is another well loved product and has also been mentioned before and that is the Soleil Tan de Chanel. It is just the perfect bronzer and just smells amazing.

Third up is an accumulative shout out to my much beloved makeup brushes: my Real Technique's buffing, face expert and stippling brushes and my sigma fluffy blending brush. These have been my go to brushes this month. All other brushes have been grossly neglected, but 'hey ho' lives too short to contemplate, every day, which makeup brush one should use to contour ones' face.

Fourth is a foundation and 'my oh my' I am in love with my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation. It makes my skin glow, simple as that. Fifthly that ominious 'naked' looking concealer is my collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in 2 light. True the labelling rubs off but it is very good and a bargain at £4.45. Def recommend. And finally we have my much loved Olay Complete Care Radiance Fluid. I have repurchased this many, many, many times and I will continue to do so. It smells great and makes your skin look, you guessed it, radiant!! xoxo

RAVE REVIEW: Olay Complete Care Multi Radiance Fluid

I have been using and continually re-buying this for years. It smells gorgeous, soaks into the skin lovely and gives the skin a beautiful "radiant glow". It is a great base for foundation too and contains SPF15. It is definitely aimed at the right skin type (normal/oily), as I find that when my skin is acting on the oily side of things, my t-zone can get rather shiny. This retails for £7.99 for 75ml (See HERE). There is also a cream version for normal to dry skin types. I just love love love. Thats it. xoxo

RAVE REVIEW: MAC Studio Finish Concealer

This concealer is great - end of. It has a thick formulation but the product really lasts on the skin and conceals marvolously. It can be a tad difficult to work with if you don't know the secrets... My advice is to warm the product on your hand first and add it to the blemish or discolouration bit by bit rather than applying tonnes of product. It is much less likely to go cakey that way. The best way to apply it under the eyes is to blend it in with a taped blending brush like MAC's 224. For blemishes I pack it on with my finger, build up the coverage untill the blemish is covered as much as I like and then blend the edges. It's also helpful to apply the product with a tiny eyeliner brush to get the seemingly unreachable tiny pimples.