Sunday, 10 June 2012

Product review: L'oreal Double Extension Fortifying Extending mascara

I like the packaging, it definitely exudes a certain premium quality and clearly shows which side is the lengthening WHITE primer side and which is the volumising BLACK side. This is definitely one the most expensive out on the Boots shop floor at £11.99. But (go me) I got mine from a market stall for £6.00 so it pays to shop about.

Let me break this down. The affects of this mascara are definitely 'wow'. Very long and volumised lashes can be achieved with this mascara. However as you can guess the process to getting these 'wow' lashes is a slow and painful process depending on how much time you have. It really isn't a slap and go type of product. But if you make the time your efforts will be rewarded. Obviously it is a two step process - obviously - but using the black side on its own can give very nice volumised lashes as well.

I very much like this mascara, it is definitely one of the best I have tried in recent times. Wear wise I don't believe I have had to deal with the panda eye, mascara smudged look, so that just adds to it. The product on the black side is quite wet and the white side is quite dry so there you go... Unfortunately we have no photos on its 'wow' affects because its now 7 months old and its quality has greatly diminished. I feel I wouldn't be giving it justice to show you its now 'meh' mascara abilities. But all that being said - as a new mascara it is awesome!! Maby I won't wait 4 months to post mascara reviews in future. xoxo


  1. This sounds like a good mascara, I always buy the same mascaras over and over again, I really need to branch out :P x

    1. That's why beauty blogs are so great. Mascaras are too expenive to be disapointed with aren't they? what's your favourite mascara then? xoxo

  2. Haha you know I was actually tempted to buy it because it was on discount, but after reading that it will require time to perfect, I was like "nevermind~"
    It's about the same price in Singapore too!

    Btw, I'm new here, follow back? :)

    Shannon :)