Friday, 29 June 2012

More Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

Real Techniques managed to lure me back to them after showcasing their newest editions to their line; the expert face brush and the setting brush. Monkey saw, monkey wanted - end of. I bought them from and I have to say i am very impressed with their service. The brushes arrived in one day of me ordering them. So thumbs up beauty chamber. I also decided on buying the stippling brush too. I had heard lots of rave reviews on this brush and wanted to try it out too. a quick FYI it was £10.99 on beauty chamber but £11.99 in Boots. Yay pound save..

In regards to the aesthetic and quality of the brushes the stippling brush doesn't look as well made as the others. Namely the plastic around the rubber end is coarse and there were loose bristles. but overall, this is no big. On an anal note I can't get over the fact that they are different shapes. I quite like how the stippling and expert face brush stand up, but if their going to be a concave shape, why can't the rest of them be? Plus on a mega anal note: the colour of the expert brush is a different shade of gold to my core collection brushes. It bothers me a little but my OCD will pass i'm sure. The brushes are ever so soft and luxurious though, so on consideration, this counteracts anything negative I might think about them. The more I see them the more I love the bright colours they come in and I am glad to report I am over my anxiety: on the fact that they are not the generic black handle silver ferule design and that the eye, face and finishing brushes are different colours. They're funky and fresh and definitely eye catching.

First impressions of the Face expert brush are good but I don't like it as much as the buffing brush. I guess I just like the circular head of the buffing brush as I find it easier to use. This one does create very good results as well though and the more I use it the more comfortable I am getting with using it. Overall I do recommend you getting this but I recommend buying the core collection (review here) first to try out its buffing brush, which is, FYI, amazing!!

I like the setting brush but I don't find that I am reaching for it very often. I thought I would use it in place of my MAC 224 but in all honesty I haven't. I much prefer using a dome shaped blending brush to apply setting powder, powder highlight and concealer - than I do the flat pointed setting brush. So it's ok but I just don't use it. Sorry do not recommend this :-(

And on to the stippling brush - to begin I hate the MAC 187 and was hoping that as this is more like a flat top kabuki brush I would get on with it more and I have to say I do. I love the size of it and It's quite dense and so buffs the product in very nicely. I have to say I really enjoy using this and I think you should give it a try too. Recommend! xoxo

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