Friday, 29 June 2012

Giving-in to the hype: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation.

First impressions of This are very very positive. It blends beautifully and makes my skin glow. I use half a pump and buff in with my real techniques buffing, face expert or stippling brush. It glides over pores and imperfections like a dream. Although many people say this is for medium to dry skins I love it and I have combination to oily skin. In regards to colour matching - I'm in the lightest shade 51 and I find it perfect match. At the moment I'm just a tad bit too dark for my NARS Sheer Glow in mont blanc so if your very, very pale this may not be for you. The shading is also on the yellow/neutral side so may not be for warm skin tones. This retails for £10.99 and (according to is a dupe for Chanel's, since discontinued, Pro Lumiere. Ooh and i love the scent of this - its very fruity and very yummy. Wear wise it doesn't last very long unfortunately but you can always reapply. I don't really mind about this because it makes my skin look so dewy and radiant to begin with!! If you use the smallest amount it definitely exudes the 'your skin but better' aesthetic. Just love love love! xoxo

More Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

Real Techniques managed to lure me back to them after showcasing their newest editions to their line; the expert face brush and the setting brush. Monkey saw, monkey wanted - end of. I bought them from and I have to say i am very impressed with their service. The brushes arrived in one day of me ordering them. So thumbs up beauty chamber. I also decided on buying the stippling brush too. I had heard lots of rave reviews on this brush and wanted to try it out too. a quick FYI it was £10.99 on beauty chamber but £11.99 in Boots. Yay pound save..

In regards to the aesthetic and quality of the brushes the stippling brush doesn't look as well made as the others. Namely the plastic around the rubber end is coarse and there were loose bristles. but overall, this is no big. On an anal note I can't get over the fact that they are different shapes. I quite like how the stippling and expert face brush stand up, but if their going to be a concave shape, why can't the rest of them be? Plus on a mega anal note: the colour of the expert brush is a different shade of gold to my core collection brushes. It bothers me a little but my OCD will pass i'm sure. The brushes are ever so soft and luxurious though, so on consideration, this counteracts anything negative I might think about them. The more I see them the more I love the bright colours they come in and I am glad to report I am over my anxiety: on the fact that they are not the generic black handle silver ferule design and that the eye, face and finishing brushes are different colours. They're funky and fresh and definitely eye catching.

First impressions of the Face expert brush are good but I don't like it as much as the buffing brush. I guess I just like the circular head of the buffing brush as I find it easier to use. This one does create very good results as well though and the more I use it the more comfortable I am getting with using it. Overall I do recommend you getting this but I recommend buying the core collection (review here) first to try out its buffing brush, which is, FYI, amazing!!

I like the setting brush but I don't find that I am reaching for it very often. I thought I would use it in place of my MAC 224 but in all honesty I haven't. I much prefer using a dome shaped blending brush to apply setting powder, powder highlight and concealer - than I do the flat pointed setting brush. So it's ok but I just don't use it. Sorry do not recommend this :-(

And on to the stippling brush - to begin I hate the MAC 187 and was hoping that as this is more like a flat top kabuki brush I would get on with it more and I have to say I do. I love the size of it and It's quite dense and so buffs the product in very nicely. I have to say I really enjoy using this and I think you should give it a try too. Recommend! xoxo

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Product review: L'oreal Double Extension Fortifying Extending mascara

I like the packaging, it definitely exudes a certain premium quality and clearly shows which side is the lengthening WHITE primer side and which is the volumising BLACK side. This is definitely one the most expensive out on the Boots shop floor at £11.99. But (go me) I got mine from a market stall for £6.00 so it pays to shop about.

Let me break this down. The affects of this mascara are definitely 'wow'. Very long and volumised lashes can be achieved with this mascara. However as you can guess the process to getting these 'wow' lashes is a slow and painful process depending on how much time you have. It really isn't a slap and go type of product. But if you make the time your efforts will be rewarded. Obviously it is a two step process - obviously - but using the black side on its own can give very nice volumised lashes as well.

I very much like this mascara, it is definitely one of the best I have tried in recent times. Wear wise I don't believe I have had to deal with the panda eye, mascara smudged look, so that just adds to it. The product on the black side is quite wet and the white side is quite dry so there you go... Unfortunately we have no photos on its 'wow' affects because its now 7 months old and its quality has greatly diminished. I feel I wouldn't be giving it justice to show you its now 'meh' mascara abilities. But all that being said - as a new mascara it is awesome!! Maby I won't wait 4 months to post mascara reviews in future. xoxo

Product Review: NYX lipstick in Pumpkin Pie

Grrrr not impressed with this. I wanted a peach based nude.. That is all. Or a nude peach or peach peach SHIMMER/FROST FREE lipstick. I couldn't find the colour I wanted on the highstreet so I went to the blogs and did me some research. NARS Barbarella came up lots but as I am not in the market for a £22 lipstick at the moment I kept going.

I've heard alot about the quality of NYX products from such people as Marlana from Makeup Geek and know they produce products which are reminiscent of higher end products such as the NARS Blushers and Makeup Forever's invisible powder.. So I found pumpkin pie. I read lots of raves on this and found it on eBay for £2.99 so I went for it.

It's chalky and blotchy and doesn't apply well at all. It has a frost running through it, which irks me, and when applied heavily just doesn't look right. I find myself applying a little bit then dabbing it in so it is wearable... but it's such a "ball ache"... I think I might have to have another look at Barbarella...  xoxo