Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Take Care, Garnier...

Garnier has won my pounds in the battle of skin protection and hydration. Sorry Nivea, and the like, your packaging just aint pretty enough.. Plus Garnier has just bought out their Golden Protect shimmering Protection lotion, which comes in SPF10, SPF20 and SPF30. It's shimmery! When applying indoors the cream is a generic pinky toned lotion and applies normally. Soaks into the skin well and isn't sticky. All essential but isn't anything groundbreaking. However - once you get outside and the sun hits you you sparkle like a Crystal ball or a Cullen; depending on which analogy you wish to take from this. Essentially there are tonnes of sparkly bits in this and you shine!! shine like a star, shining so bright like the star that you are.. Bad points?? I don't like the smell at all. But saying that you don't notice unless, in the name of beauty blogging research, you spend five minutes sniffing the bottle and then your arm.

I bought the After sun last year after a severe case of sunburn. This is very soothing on overexposed skin, sinks into the skin very well and smells very nice. I took photos of the Golden Protect shimmering on my skin but the sparkle wouldn't transfer so I will skip any more photos of this in action, because, really, how exciting would that be?? Garnier Ambre Solaire products are half price in Superdrug at the moment. Boots are doing a 2 for 1. Around £12.99 full price though. Aren't sun creams expensive... xoxo

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  1. Love it darling!! maybe we can follow each others blog?! XoXo