Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Stargazer White Foundation

I'm pale and I need some of my foundations lightening up. In a thrifty mood I shopped around for the cheapest I could find... I hate myself. Mixing £5 worth of white goop in with Chanel makes me cringe.

First impressions of the packaging are fine. It is a substantial, non-fussy, glass bottle. It holds 30mg and is rather dainty on the vanity table. Its black lid twists off and has a spatula type attachment to allow foundation scoopage. So Yeah so far so good. Hygienic and non-fussy.. Now the formulation is very thick. It actually goes quite a long way, however, once blended out on the skin it doesn't give very good coverage and tends to be very chalky. Furthermore on its own it is very tacky and uncomfortable on the skin and is remiscient to the cheapest nastiest foundation you bought when you were pre-teen. Not pleasant.

So its mixing abilities, what does one think??? Well it definitely lightens foundation, that is for sure, so thumbs up for that one. I feel paranoid that it is changing the overall formulations of my nice foundations though. They don't seem to last as long and are more cakey...or maby I'm being psycho. Bottom line, it lightens other foundations and that is what it was purchased for. So yes it does work. But the snob in me wants to run out and buy the Face Atelia in zero or Illamasqua skin base in 01 just for piece of mind. So i'm regretting my purchase - but tight times call for desperate measures, so I am going to have to suck it up and..gulp...use it. But between you and me its days in my makeup bag are numbered. xoxo

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