Tuesday, 3 July 2012

RAVE REVIEW: MAC Studio Finish Concealer

This concealer is great - end of. It has a thick formulation but the product really lasts on the skin and conceals marvolously. It can be a tad difficult to work with if you don't know the secrets... My advice is to warm the product on your hand first and add it to the blemish or discolouration bit by bit rather than applying tonnes of product. It is much less likely to go cakey that way. The best way to apply it under the eyes is to blend it in with a taped blending brush like MAC's 224. For blemishes I pack it on with my finger, build up the coverage untill the blemish is covered as much as I like and then blend the edges. It's also helpful to apply the product with a tiny eyeliner brush to get the seemingly unreachable tiny pimples.


  1. ive always wondered about the MAC concealer! thankyou for sharing this