Wednesday, 16 May 2012

L'oreal telescopic explosion mascara

So I got this for £1.99!!! I don't like to brag but I might get my wears from dodgy market stalls. My defence? Good mascaras are too expensive.. and the cheap ones are crap. So we have to go on the dark side now and then and how much darker can you go than buying a mascara which resembles a mace flail. The spiky ball mascara was first created by Givenchy (Phenomen'Eyes mascara) and speedily copied by L'oreal. Strangely enough no other brand comes to mind, that has done this also... interesting!? But I have been intrigued a while so here we are. Plus YAY! the tube looks like a telescope. I Like :-)

My first impressions are very positive. This is definitely a LENGTHENING mascara. No volume as such but the eyelashes are seperated and lengthened perfectly. As I have this in brown it makes for a lovely day time look. I love the spikey ball aswell. I find that it is perfect at reaching every lash as there is ultimate control. Something you don't get with the big fat voluminous wands. Again very pleased. Although the wand is quite long and flimsy I don't find that a problem at all. I am definitely hooked on these mascaras and when there are a few extra pounds in my bank i'll give the Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes version a try. If Givenchy prices are a bit steep for you, try telescopic explosion HERE

UPDATE... it flakes like a b**** I have discovered. Very sad by this development :-( xoxo

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