Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Giving-in to the hype: Urban Decay NAKED2 palette.

 A bit of background... I have already spent a long time typing this post which was cruelly lost to all mankind. It has taken me a while to grieve its loss and move on.

Now that unpleasantness over with - lets talk about NAKED2... ooh the urge to title this post something along the lines of "lets get naked...again" was quickly over come but I was tempted. The one and only reason why I bought this is because the vlogger, blogger beauty community has been forcing it down my throat for 4 months. I remember the hype of last year with the original NAKED palette. I was intrigued and I looked, tested every single colour on my hand in the Piccadilly Circus Boots, but I was just not swayed. A year later and the powers that be at Urban Decay HQ have created a palette which I just couldn't say no to. I'm sure they are very pleased having caught me in their neutral eyeshadow trap after I evaded them the first time.

The palettes retail for £36, however I was very lucky and got my palette off Ebay for £24.95 so I recommend you shop around for a deal. I did not receive the lip junky though. This is no big deal as the fact they were selling a lip gloss with a eyeshadow pallet freaked me out a little, regardless of the fact they call it Naked, it still does not wash. I champion the revival of the mini primer potion that comes with the original NAKED palette. The double ended, synthetic bristled, brush, that comes with it too, is very handy, as it has a shader and blended brush in one neat package. It does not rival the power coupling of MAC's 139 and 217 as the more I use it the more disappointed I am with it. It does not pack on the colour as strongly as you would expect or hope unfortunately. In honesty I wish the palettes still came with the double ended 247 eyeliner pencils which were released with the first batch of the original NAKED palettes, back when.

I like the pencil tin-ness of the packaging. It's sturdy and great for travel but mine is very temperamental and half the time does not close. This may be because I bought it off a shader seller, who knows, but i'm not precious and wrap a elastic band around it to keep it shut if it isn't playing ball one day. Overall my pallet does not seem to be very well made, but I haven't read any review which says this so mine must be a one off.

Overall I have to whack the shadows on in order to get great colour payoff. Chopper falls down like a b**** and bootycall is rather chalky but apart from that they are all ok. My favourite colours are snake bite, YDK suspect and pistol. I wasn't surprised about this, to be honest, because they are why I bought this palette to begin with. I love the murky, taupey, grungy eyeshadows and these looked so interesting and fun. Apparently lots of the colours are duped in a NYX palette. I can't remember which unfortunately, but if you live in the US you might know or may care to share if you do.

 To put my two cents worth into the mix and to answer the big questions I have read over and over again... YES you should buy this palette if you like the murky, taupey tones which I have already spoken about, YES you should buy both this and the original naked palette if you love makeup and love neutral eyeshadows. YES the NAKED2 palette is better than the original because It is more interesting than the first. That is all. xxxx

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