Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Giving-In to the Hype: Revlon Colorburst lip butter in strawberry shortcake

Wow I was so excited by these and was eagerly awaiting their arrival on British soil. My first impressions are thus: I like the packaging. In photographs it looks kinda cheap and I didn't like how they're all different colours, preferring instead a sophisticated black. In real life their frosted multicoloured lids actually work in with the summery, lip balm / lipstick hybrid, theme and feel much more luxurious and weighty than one would imagine.

Unfortunately none of the other colours really impressed me. Only strawberry shortcake really caught my eye. I wanted others but both disappointed. creme brule felt a bit too brown toned for me and peach parfait was too dark and I wasn't a fan of the speckled frosted effect either. They have an abundance of pink shades but non that I deem right for me for every day.

Strawberry shortcake was bought with me believing it was a mid tone, easy everyday pink. In reality it is a frosted blue toned pink on me. I'm not a fan of frosted lipsticks so it puts me off and with anything less than a bubblegum pink blush to accompany it, it looks horrendous. Yes it is my fault as I bought this without testing it but I really wanted one.. Blah Blah Blah.

It glides on very well and, yes, feels like a lip balm. It's all very nice and the durability is average. No big there. Overall I like everything about them but I wish they had a better shade range for my taste and were all shimmer/frost free formulations (Other colours in the range are frost/shimmer free) - that is all.

Revlon continue to impress me, especially their nail polishes and lip products in general. I want every colour of their colorburst lipglosses. Very Chanel-esc I think. Next to L'oreal and Max Factor they are probably the most expensive brand on the high street though and forking out £7.99 for one of their lip butters was a bit of an "ouch" moment. xoxo

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