Friday, 30 March 2012

Oooohhh sparkling...

I was in two minds.. do I go spring and neutral and classic on my nails or do I go full blown obnoxious glitter?? Its something we girls (boys, whatever) have to go through when changing our nail polish... The decision was taken out of my hands when 261 Sparkling jumped out of the Revlon stand at me... It was just so pretty. Understated yet bling and I love the rose gold colour. It is made up of small and larger chunks of glitter suspended in a clear varnish. I applied 3 coats for near-enough opacity but it is actually quite nice with just one swipe of glitter on the nails to liven up a plain manicure. Revlon polishes retail for around £6.50. Models own and Look both do very similar polishes. The exact colour but with medium sized chunks of glitter through out. They are cheaper at £5 but I chose Revlon because I liked the multi-dimension the differing sized glitter gave. In certain lights it looks like pink foil. A gorgeous spring nail. I am very excited about this so had to blog about it. xoxo


  1. How pretty! This reminds me of O.P.I Katy Perry Teenage Dream, pretty and effective but such a pain to remove!
    Meghan XX

  2. Looks lovely. Revlon always do such good quality nail polish, and it does remind me to Katy Perry Teenage Dream too. I think I'd only do one nail in this though, a full set of glitter nails can be too much for a wet weekday at work!