Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Product Review: Soap and Glory: Kick Ass Concealer

Tada!! Slightly miffed, slightly excited about this concealer. I was 5 seconds away from buying the heavily hyped Collection 2000 concealer when the Soap and Glory stand and its Kick Ass concealer caught my eye!! I think it's a bargain for a sealing powder, under eye "brightening" concealer and "super wear" face concealer, plus a mirror all for a cool £10. It's great for travel too as it's so compact. It comes in light and medium. I bought it in light. I love the packaging of Soap and Glory products and this flaw camouflage kit (as they call it) is no exception.

"Super wear" face concealer
This is lighter than it looks. I was surprised. the cool toned concealer, for blemishes is slightly lighter and more yellow toned than Mac studio finish NC20, which is more orange toned. It is also quite dry in consistency too. Overall I find the coverage good but not as thick or long lasting as the MAC studio sculpt.

Under eye "brightening" concealer
WARNING!! this product is very VERY soft... I found out the hard way when I rambed my brush in there. DOH! I find myself lightly dabbing my index finger into the product and then onto my under eye to apply. It is very slippy due to the soft consistency and as a result does not last very long on the skin. When setting with the powder I find myself wiping the concealer away by mistake.

Sealing powder
The powder is finely milled and when applied with a heavy hand is very light. However it is perfect to losely swipe over the Tzone with a fluffy brush as it appears to work as a translucent powder.

L-R: under-eye concealer, face concealer, sealing powder.


  1. This looks likes really good prouct love that you are getting 3 in one!Shame its not quite a thick as others. Great post really good read :o) http://www.lolainthelounge.blogspot.com/ x