Tuesday, 28 February 2012

February Favourites

Jemma Kidd Radiance Creme     Dior Amber Diamond                      
  Soleil tan de Chanel            Clarins Lip Perfector
Benefit Eye Brow Pencil        Look Eye Brightener Eye Pencil        

Hands down I have come across some major Holy Grail products in the past 6 months and that is down mostly to all the beauty blogs and vlogs out there. So thankyou all you guys that do the leg work so the rest of us don't have to waste our money! First of all the cleanse and polish is the find of the century, cleansers can be so annoying to get right, they can be too irritating on the skin, too tacky, clogs pores, break you out, too drying, have rubbish makeup removing power.... but Liz Earle is great. Truly the best thing I have used and dare I say it, a better makeup remover than Bioderma! If your skin is dry or oily I urge you to give this a go. It works on all skin types.

After buying the Jemma Kidd cream blush, I remember why I always hated cream blushes in the past, but the Maybelline cream blush is amazing! I truly, truly love the formulation of this, it blends like a dream. I just wish they did a greater colour range. You'll be forgiven for counting two highlighters. 'I love to highlight my face I do' and I love both of these beauties the same as each other!! They both create the most beautiful sheen on the face. I can't recommend them more. If you want to go cream go Jemma Kidd iced gold, if you want to go powder go Dior Amber diamond.

Ooh Soleil Tan de Chanel how I love thee. Can I count the ways... HG for sure! It is so much more subtle than I expected it to be. It's just a dream to work with. Next up is my much loved Clarins Lip perfectors (I love them so much I have all three). It is just the most amazing balm-gloss hybrid with no stickiness. Perfecto!! Then it's my Benefit brow pencil. This is very much loved. Finally i'm loving my recently acquired Look Eye brightener. It's akin to a chromographic pencil and it is a bargain at £4!!! LOVE...

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  1. I love solie de tan ( i can never spell it though!) too. I use the powder though as Im so peely wally!