Tuesday, 28 February 2012

February Favourites

Jemma Kidd Radiance Creme     Dior Amber Diamond                      
  Soleil tan de Chanel            Clarins Lip Perfector
Benefit Eye Brow Pencil        Look Eye Brightener Eye Pencil        

Hands down I have come across some major Holy Grail products in the past 6 months and that is down mostly to all the beauty blogs and vlogs out there. So thankyou all you guys that do the leg work so the rest of us don't have to waste our money! First of all the cleanse and polish is the find of the century, cleansers can be so annoying to get right, they can be too irritating on the skin, too tacky, clogs pores, break you out, too drying, have rubbish makeup removing power.... but Liz Earle is great. Truly the best thing I have used and dare I say it, a better makeup remover than Bioderma! If your skin is dry or oily I urge you to give this a go. It works on all skin types.

After buying the Jemma Kidd cream blush, I remember why I always hated cream blushes in the past, but the Maybelline cream blush is amazing! I truly, truly love the formulation of this, it blends like a dream. I just wish they did a greater colour range. You'll be forgiven for counting two highlighters. 'I love to highlight my face I do' and I love both of these beauties the same as each other!! They both create the most beautiful sheen on the face. I can't recommend them more. If you want to go cream go Jemma Kidd iced gold, if you want to go powder go Dior Amber diamond.

Ooh Soleil Tan de Chanel how I love thee. Can I count the ways... HG for sure! It is so much more subtle than I expected it to be. It's just a dream to work with. Next up is my much loved Clarins Lip perfectors (I love them so much I have all three). It is just the most amazing balm-gloss hybrid with no stickiness. Perfecto!! Then it's my Benefit brow pencil. This is very much loved. Finally i'm loving my recently acquired Look Eye brightener. It's akin to a chromographic pencil and it is a bargain at £4!!! LOVE...

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Giving-in to the Hype: SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL

Another "monkey see monkey buy" situation here... Clearly one cannot think for themselves in cosmetic matters. Ehem.. Dior Matte Brozer LINK. Dior Amber Diamond LINK, Liz Earle LINK, Jemma Kidd LINK, Estee Lauder Sheer Tint release LINK...

This has been hyped to death after such infamous Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge plugging and you have all probably seen this and about read about this hundreds of times.. But as it my very own special Chanel purchase I want to shout to the roof tops about my luxury item. This review will be helpful for all you pale (NC20-NC25) girls and boys. xx

SOOO the damage is £29! We're talking £29 worth of 30g cream product which is akin to butter, that has been left in the fridge for a while. It is very "spesh" and looks tres chic on my vanity...  A few quick FYI's: this is a beasty! Not something that you can easily throw into your makeup bag unless you rock a big one. It has a twist off black lid, with gold embossed C's, and an extra protective clear plastic lid which pops on top of the base. I am sure many opt to throw this away, but I'm keeping mine. Unfortunately the product catches every hair possible so be warned. Ending on a high note - it smells of raspberries...

I use this with my real techniques buffing brush. I lightly swirl 3-5 times into the product, and then dab and buff into the skin, starting in the back hollows of my cheek bones, then the temple and then the side of the chin and voila - A light sun kissed glow. So rest assured my pale friends that the Soleil tan de Chanel will not give you the umpa lumpa look. I would not like to speak for anybody who is paler than NC20 so I would sugget you give this a test run at a Chanel counter before splurging on it to keep on the safe side. I assume this bronzer is great all year round as it is very buildable and you can add more and more as the year goes on.

Overall I am very happy with this and am doubly happy because It works. Don't you just hate splurging on premium brands/products that don't deliver?? Would I repurchase?? Definitely xx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Product Review: Soap and Glory: Kick Ass Concealer

Tada!! Slightly miffed, slightly excited about this concealer. I was 5 seconds away from buying the heavily hyped Collection 2000 concealer when the Soap and Glory stand and its Kick Ass concealer caught my eye!! I think it's a bargain for a sealing powder, under eye "brightening" concealer and "super wear" face concealer, plus a mirror all for a cool £10. It's great for travel too as it's so compact. It comes in light and medium. I bought it in light. I love the packaging of Soap and Glory products and this flaw camouflage kit (as they call it) is no exception.

"Super wear" face concealer
This is lighter than it looks. I was surprised. the cool toned concealer, for blemishes is slightly lighter and more yellow toned than Mac studio finish NC20, which is more orange toned. It is also quite dry in consistency too. Overall I find the coverage good but not as thick or long lasting as the MAC studio sculpt.

Under eye "brightening" concealer
WARNING!! this product is very VERY soft... I found out the hard way when I rambed my brush in there. DOH! I find myself lightly dabbing my index finger into the product and then onto my under eye to apply. It is very slippy due to the soft consistency and as a result does not last very long on the skin. When setting with the powder I find myself wiping the concealer away by mistake.

Sealing powder
The powder is finely milled and when applied with a heavy hand is very light. However it is perfect to losely swipe over the Tzone with a fluffy brush as it appears to work as a translucent powder.

L-R: under-eye concealer, face concealer, sealing powder.

Product Review: Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara

Remember when I bought this back when? LINK. I bought it as it was on offer and did not care to test its claims but was bought purely because it was on offer!! Check out my other mascara reviews: Clinique lash doubling mascara HERE and Estee Lauder Double wear zero smudge curling mascara  HERE

First thoughts...
Not the most attractive packaging in the world. It's a chunky bottle which, although bold, does not scream luxury or premium quality. It has a BIG, "mo fo" brush, which is not only long and fat but has wide spacing between the bristles. The product was quite wet to begin with too. My first impressions of this product was "wow". It really "volumised" my lashes. I was impressed.

Through time...
I find that putting on this mascara was effort if you know what I mean. I would have to take the time to apply carefully, other wise the wide spacing between bristles would give too much product and clump lashes together or I would catch my eyelid with the huge brush. On the plus side I don't recall getting the dreaded Panda eye with this so that is a plus. Nice results can be achieved with this mascara but you need to take the time with it. This is not the mascara to swipe and go in a hurry.

Boots say:

Revlon® Grow Luscious Plumping™ Mascara plumps lashes up to 200% instantly for intense volume. Our uniquely tapered brush grabs every lash, individually, and coats it to plump perfection. Contains a lash enhancing complex that conditions your lashes day after day.Ophthalmologist tested.
How to Use  
To get Jessica Biel's seductive lashes firstly apply Grow Luscious Plumping™ Mascara to lash tips and let dry. Apply next coat starting from base of eye lashes extending to lash tips. Use the tapered tip to easily reach corners of eyes and bottom lashes. 
HINT: For extra conditioned lashes and true intensity, glide a Grow Luscious™ Lash Liner along lash line from inner to outer corner of eye before applying your mascara.
The sad truth of the day is that mascaras are expensive and this retails for £9.99 for 10ml. Mine is in 001 Blackest Black. It also comes in Waterproof Blackest Black and Blackened Brown.

To conclude...
I feel like it doesn't plump my lashes 200% and I also do not believe that it has had any long term lash enhancing powers.. Saying this though it is a nice "volumising" mascara. I just wouldn't repurchase it.

Giving-in to the Hype: Jemma Kidd haul

As the saying goes: "monkey see, monkey do!" or rather "monkey buy!!!!"

So I was on www.beautybay.com and decided to take advantage of their discounted prices and free shipping and get me some heavily hyped up Jemma Kidd Makeup school cosmetics.

Blushwear creme cheek colour 
Guava (3.4g at £10.50. anywhere else: £13)
I love the colour of this but the application annoys me and the more I use this, the more I dislike it. I find the formulation quite dry so it doesn't blend very well and clings to any dry patches or imperfections on the face. So far I have found that the best way to apply this is with a small dual fibre stippling brush (the MAC 188 to be exact). My advice is to stipple bit by bit and then blend the edges. You will sorely regret putting too much on because once on it does not go anywhere. It dries to a powder finish so lasts for a long time.

Dewy glow all over radiance creme 
Iced Gold (10g at £13.50. anywhere else: £17.00) 
O to the M to the G!! I love this so much!! I also love my Dior Amber Diamond (see HERE) but I find that it gives too much of a bronze highlight on my pale skin and I feel I can't really wear it when I don't want to rock the bronzed goddess look! But this beauty gives no obvious colour it just gives a perfect sheen/glow/highlight (insert your own verb here) that lasts for hours. The little directions leaflet, that comes with it, says this can be worn over, under, or with no make up. Literally just swipe and blend where ever you want to highlight your face. Ideally this will be on the top of the cheekbones, under the brow, down the nose... If your in the market for a highlighter and don't know which way to go... go to beautybay.com and pick this up ASAP.