Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Real Techniques core collection

I finally succumbed to the core collection, which has been crying out to me ever since Sam Chapman, of Pixiwoo fame, first introduced her makeup brush collection. I got mine off Ebay, from beautydirect247, for £18.95 (P&P £1.99). check out my Sigma Brush haul HERE

I like the packaging. It is very streamlined (no waste packaging - I hate that) and looks funky enough. Even without the beauty community hype they would have caught my eye in a shop. The brushes are well protected too, with a plastic stopper at the bottom to keep the brushes in place. Also the jargon on the back of the box is very handy indeed. It explains what every brush is for and they have an accompanying website which shows you how to get the most from your brushes and shows you the entire Real Techniques range - www.realtechniques.com 

I don't like the panoramic case and would have happily spent a few pounds less for just the brushes. However it does do what it says on the tin, Keeps the brushes organised on the counter (bend the case and pull the toggle) or on the go, plus there is room for a few more brushes to stand in there, My beef is that you can't shut the case with extra brushes in it - BOO... - and that annoys me... Plus the toggle got caught on my contour brush and some of the bristles were crushed!!! Sorry  there is a chance I'll be getting rid of this in the near future.

But onto the important things... The brushes!! I love them!!!. They are light weight, well made. I am yet to experience any bristle shedding. Plus they work just as well with cream/liquid products as powder and their taklon bristles (man made) are cruelty free, very soft and dry very quickly (Well all except the buffing brush, which I put down to its density). I have washed them once or twice now and so far they keep their shape. They all have their brush name and the real techniques emblem embossed on them too. Be aware however that the brush heads are very dainty; The contour brush makes the MAC 109 look big which is great as I work so much better with smaller brushes as I can be more precise. I reccomend everyone to invest in the core collection. If your starting out these are a nice economical alternative to MAC and the like. Plus if you haven't tried a buffing brush (like I hadn't) I would get this one as it blends your liquid foundation beautifully leaving a (dare I say it??) "pixel perfect" finish. Just one tip though, use a little bit  of  foundation at a time!!

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