Tuesday, 24 January 2012

China Glaze: Sun Worshipper and Pool Party

So... my China Glaze obsession continues. Check out my stash from their christmas collection LINK and their homage to the Tiffany blue LINK.

Firstly they dry matt so if you prefer a glossy finish, a glossy top coat is a must.
Both polishes have a gel like consistency and dry very quickly. Sun Worshipper, especially, streaks like a biatch. They are both not very opaque at all. You need at least 3 coats. Probably 4 for sun worshipper.

In terms of wearability I am very disappointed at this juncture:
With a top they chip after 1 to 2 days, without a top coat they chip after a few hours!! After a few hours I started to noticed dark patches appear, which I presume is the polish lifting. These patches eventually started cracking and then chipping due to the dry formula. With a top coat this still happens but the protective layer of the top coat prolongs the process.

The colours however are AMAZING NEON BRIGHTS!! When applied inside or under superficial lights they can appear slightly dull but once you get outside they light up! Perfect for the summer months. Neon doesn't photograph very well also, they are so much brighter in real life. Sun worshipper is coming up much more yellow toned than a true neon orange and pool party is coming up much more red toned. In real life it is a true electric Barbie pink.



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