Friday, 30 November 2012


First and foremost I have to talk about ESSIE!! In the past few months I have accumulated 6 of these and have 2 more on the way. Ever since I saw the first Essie stand in my local Superdrug I have been obsessed with this brand. I blog about every new polishes of theirs that I wear. What can I say Essie's just the nail brand of the moment and I have officially been carried away with the hype. I also love the packaging too. It's so sleek and cool and is much preferred over all other brands.

From L - R Lapiz of luxury, Beyond cozy, Topless and barefoot, Fiji, Peach Daiquiri and 5th Avenue.

Secondly I have rediscovered my Illamasqua Skin Base foundation sample pot and I am in love. You seriously need the tiniest amount. It has great coverage however it gives your skin a satin finish rather than being flat and mask-like like lots of high coverage foundations do. I am in the shade 4.5 (MAC shade: NC20).It lasts really well aswell.

My favourite brush at the moment is the Real Technique's stippling brush. I have been using this with all foundations this month and it applies them perfectly, especially already mentioned Illamasqua skin base. These two are a match made in heaven. The stippling brush has short and dense bristle which help give the nicest finish to the skin. Right now I am actually preferring this to the Real Technique's buffing brush which I am loving so much.

Finally my friend gave me some Body Shop goodies recently and I am absolutely loving the honey bronzer. She gave me it in shade 2 and although I would have probably chosen one for my skin tone I have to say this is perfect and a joy to use. It's silky smooth and gives the most subtle bronze glow. Great for winter. The packaging is sleek and swanky too. And has a good size mirror. If your in the market for a matt bronzer I would give this a try.

And thats it for right now, please let me know if your interested in buying any of these products and want more information or you already have them and want to share your opinion. It would be great to hear from you. Also if you enjoyed this post please follow this blog for more of the same. Thank you for stopping by xoxo

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

HOLY GRAIL #1 Clinique Dramatically Different moisturising gel

I mention this moisturiser a lot but it's never had its own rave review post of its very own. FYI this is my FAVOURITE beauty product of all time. I cannot iterate enough how much I love it... I recently repurchased this for the tenth time and once again it didn't fail to amaze me and I fell in love with it all over again. I firstly love it because its so light and melts into the skin. Second because your skin feels so silken and fresh once applied. My skin loves this stuff as it never feels nicer than when I use it. If you have combination skin I would strongly urge you to give it a try. it retails for £29 for 125ml and around £15 for 50ml. There's nothing left to say except its YELLOW and fragrance free and great for sensitive skins too. xoxo

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

China Glaze: Yellow Polkadot Bikini

Here in the UK it's cold, its wet, it's dark and it's fecking miserable... cue the brightest and most summery nail polish I own - China Glaze's Yellow Polkadot Bikini! This is highlighter yellow ya'll. I love it. i haven't been able to take my eyes off my nails at all today and neither has anybody else. I have had tons of compliments and a stranger even grabbed my hand!! (don't know how I felt about that one!). Its just fabulous. End of. The big but with this polish is that it is such a hassle to put it on. First of all it's exceptionally sheer so for full coverage it helps to put a white on underneath. Then it is as streaky as anything to apply, causing many mishaps and me shouting "noooo" in frustration. And finally it dries matt so you need a glossy top coat. I am not the best nail painter in the world so my swatches are a bit ropey, but nevertheless it still looks funky and has had the desired effect of brightening up a dull and dreary day. I have three neon Brights from the China Glaze poolside collection. The pink polish shown is pool party and the orange is called sun worshipper. You can get these still online on EBay and the like and Ulta in the US. xoxo

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Moroccon Oil Treatment Light is specifically formulated for fine and or light coloured hair. As I have both it was the perfect decision to chose this one over the original. Presumably the original oil would be too heavy for my hair type. I have very short hair and I bleach it and as such it frizzes. No matter what moisturising / for damaged / for frizzy shampoo and conditioner I use, when my hair dries it will frizz out and stand on end. Moroccon oil diminishes this. As soon as I massage this through wet hair my hair is suddenly tamed. And whats more I find that my hair stays in a better condition for longer when I use this. Ordinarily I need to wash my hair daily (As I have greasy roots - it all happens to me :-( ) but when I use the moroccon oil I can leave two to three days. Its fabulous. It contains argan oil and, according to the blurb, fortifies hair, improves elasticity, moisturizes strands, and shields against harmful environmental stressors, while specifically targeting the more delicate needs of fine-textured hair. But I am definitely inclined to believe the write up. It is the colour of nut oil (a browner shade to that of the generic olive oil). I use a finger tips worth and massage through. Done. 25ml retails around the £13 mark and 100ml retail around £30. the end. Hope you enjoyed this mini review. For more of the same please follow :-) xoxox

Monday, 12 November 2012

Essie Topless and Barefoot

The Essie Obsession continues with a classic shade purchased from the good US of A. It is a gorgeous pink tone nude which flatters my skin tone a treat. A real must for a chic yet understated manicure. This polish is not part of the diffusion line and as such it has a thin spindly brush. I have two coats on but I think for full opacity you need three coats. In recent times I have picked up Beyond CozyLapiz of Luxury and Fiji and thus far I love them all. Please follow for more of the same xoxo

Monday, 5 November 2012

Essie Beyond Cozy

Beyond Cozy and Beyond GORGEOUS!! After going crazy for China Glaze's christmas collection last year (SEE HERE) I have had mega restraint on not buying any polishes from christmas collections this year... That is until The Polishaholic showcased Essie's Christams collection: The leading lady. And bam!! there she was, Beyond Cozy, a glittery and silvery gold/silver (a pewter colour if you will). Just so divine and so up my street. Sold..

In person Beyond Cozy is a stunning antique silver and in bright sunlight and superficial light it sparkles like crazy. It's a glitter infused polish which is very opaque and grainy to the touch. For ultimate shine and sparkle I put a glossy top coat over the top. I only needed 2 coats for full opacity. Unfortunately the polish in the bottle is coming out much more gunmetal than in reality. The shade on the nails is more true to life.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Maybelline The Mega Plush Volum' Express waterproof masacara

Oooh first impressions of this mascara are negative. It gives you nice natural fluttery lashes but no volume. I loved the original Volum' mascaras and excpetionally loved the Collosal one but the plush is the first one from their line that I have tried in a long while. What a disappointment. For me I want volume. If I'm going to put the time and effort into applying mascara I want them to be WOW! I like the packaging. It's the same shape as the other's in the Volum' line but this is a blue with magenta lettering. The wand has a joint in it to allow for easier application when applying. I'm afraid this is a tad gimmicky and in actual fact the wand doesn't move or make application any easier. I like the look of the brush and was attracted to the 'natural' bristles opposed to the plastic comb-esque wands which lots of brands are releasing (ala CoverGirl Lash Blast dupes) which I do not like.   The wand does look 'plush' but unfortunately it only coats the lashes with a very fine amount of mascara. I tried in vain to build it up, Do the zig-zag application, load the product at the tips of my lashes - but to no avail. Short answer is don't waste your time - this does not build. If your after a natural fluttery waterproof mascara then this perfect for you, if you want volume stick to the Collosal mascara, as that definelty volumises well, or try your luck with any of the other's in the Volum' line. I purchased this mascara from Walmart in the US but haven't seen this hit the UK highstreet yet. But I don't think we're missing out on anything at all special so carry on with your day.

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Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hello all the most annoying thing has just recently occured... we are encountering the first flush of real cold weather here in the UK, for months. It has been snowing in places and everything.

As I type my lips are cracked and chapped and sore and feel like they are burning, blotches of dry skin are appearing around my mouth area, my nose is irritated and running and my hands are dry to the bone. I need miracle cures to help solve my problem areas and let me live my life to the full. I have written a few overviews of products, that I heart, which have really come into their own this cold spell. 

As a aside - As I suffer with combination skin I find that aswell as combatting the dry patches I have to deal with my oily T zone too. Check out a few products that help combat bi-polar skin and are comforting and "lush" to use in the first installment of BECAUSE WINTER HATES YOUR FACE

First up is my much beloved Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream. To call it a cream is a bit misleading, as, infact, it is a petroleum jelly with extras. It is highly moisturising and truly does help with dry skin. Be warned though it isn't a cure, you do have to keep applying it, but once applied it lasts a while and really feels like your skin has a protectant layer. I use this on my lips mostly, also aound my nails and on any really dry patches anywhere on my skin. It has a strong herbal scent so you may find it a tad over powering. I know Elizabeth Arden sell a fragrance free 8 hour cream too. I also know this is a firm favourite with many top makeup artists too. I bought this for around £5 on EBay.

Second is my newly acquired The Body Shop Hemp hand protector. It smells like soil and emulates new age incence etc, but it is really geat stuff. It has a clay masque like quality to it but it melts into the skin beautifully and leaves them really moisturised again. I love the paint tube packaging. It is great for throwing in your bag on the go as the twisty lid keeps the product well secured and there is little chance of it shattering or leaking. Love. I bought this in store. I took advantage of a 'buy one get one half price' offer. If your quick to the post you might get this offer too.

Third is my Dermalogica hydrating masque. I used this on the plane and found it was fabulous at keeping my skin hydrated. It is really very good. During the winter it is really a good idea to keep your skin nourished by giving it a weekly treat, at the least. Give yourself a hydrating masque to give your skin a really great deep nourishment.

MORE Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows

More More More - how do you like it - More More More
I love the color tattoos - they are a joy to use

See my first experience with them, using on and on bronze, HERE.

But the colour range has never really grabbed me enough to go out and buy them all... Until their Fall 2012 limited Edition range came out a few months ago. It's a stunning collection of fall tones: browns, greens and burnt golds... but despite my greatest efforts I couldn't get hold of them - boo!!
I did get hold of the US only colour Pomegranite punch though, which is tres beautiful and just recently I spied the new edition of pink gold in the Maybelline stand in Boots last week so I had to pounce. So here we are my second and third color tattoos. They are both the same great consistency and are great wearable shades. In the pictures Pomegranite punch is coming out brown, in reality it is a deep plum. Pink Gold is as its pictured: baby pink. Both have flecks of sparkle and shimmer running through them.

On a side note:- It irks me ever so much that pomegranite punch (ie. the US product) is SMALLER than the UK released pink gold. I had already come to terms with the fact that the packaging is different but I was mentally unprepared for the size issue (OCD much??).

Again these are vibrant hues which last all day without (much) creasing. Boots sell them for £4.99 and if your quick - get down to Boots and take advanatge of their 3 for 2 promotion at the moment. Thankyou for stopping by and please follow if you want to keep up with me and my beauty ramblings. All the best, Natalie xoxo.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hello Real Technique's Blush Brush

I would like to bid a warm welcome to yet another Real Technique's brush into my collection. I guess I'm slowly collecting them all. ("calm down it's not Pokemon")*

It's pink, it's soft, it blends my blush and bronzer and face powder, foundation.. etc etc etc like a dream and in short I love it! It costs £9.99 and as it has synthetic (Taklon) bristles it works well with both cream and powder products.

That's it really - I just wanted to show off about my awesome blusher brush. Check out my opinions on my other Real Technique purchases by clicking the links below. In short I love them and highly reccomend them to everyone who needs makeup brushes.

Thankyou for stopping by and please follow for more of the same :-) xoxo

* Attack the Block reference.

Monday, 22 October 2012

In-flight Beauty Regime

After taking inspiration from Lisa Eldridge's long haul flight beauty regime video, see below, I too compiled my own long haul in-fight beauty bag when I went a holidaying... I de-potted my face mask, hand cream and moisturiser into 15ml pots and Bioderma into a 100ml bottle. Be warned all liquids have to fit into those measley little plastic bags at the airport so be mindlful of this. I hope this is useful. xoxo

Bioderma Crealine H2O
Dermatologica hydrating face masque
Atrixo Hand cream
tooth paste (not pictured)
No7 protect and perfect eye cream
Olay multi-radiance moisturiser
Paul Mitchell moisture mist hydrating spray
Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream

Cotton pads
Compact mirror

Once the plane had taken off I used bioderma to give my skin an extra clean and then I spritzed my face and my hair with Paul Mitchells hydrating spray. I applied two thin layers of Dermatologica hydrating face mask and applied lots of eyecream and 8hr cream to my lips and cuticals, aswell as hand cream.

Throughout the flight I had the handcream and 8hr cream out on the table to reuse every so often. Half way through the flight I reapplied. When we were and hour to 45 minutes away I usedthe bioderma again aswell as wash my face in the bathroom and cleaned my teeth. Moisturised my skin and reapplied eye cream, 8hr cream and hand cream - and voila!!

On the way home I wasn't so great at keeping up with my beauty regime. I did the first step but asit was a night flight and I was cream crackered and slept (in fits) through out the flight I ended up washing the face mask off at home (eek). But cest la vie.

I definitely think undertaking some sort of beauty regime on long haul flights is a good idea, it gives you something to do aswell as making you feel refreshed and revived on landing (if you keep it up :-))

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Au Thermal Avene very high protection Mineral cream SPF50+ for intolerant skin

First of all, what a mouthful.. Jeez - Facial suncream that's all it is - why the tongue twister? Second of all this won out against Rochy pose facial lotion SPF50, I don't know why, I guess it just looked prettier?? I don't know. But what I do know is I that I wish I bought that one instead.. I will tell you why...

First of all It smells awful, second of all I found it did not blend in very well at all. It is a thick salmon coloured cream which requires exceptional blending ability to make it look natural on the skin. But regardless of how much you buff this in it looks like a pinky-white cast on your face. I prefer my Clinique superblock so much more than this (see review HERE), as that blends into the skin seemlessly. This isn't user friendly at all. It also feels really heavy and sticky on the skin too.

On the positive side - this is a very high skin protectant and protected my skin completely from all the damaging affects of the sun. It's as high as skin protectants go and I did find it was waterproof. It does what it says on the tin so that is all that is really important I guess. But I am sure there are as high protecting facial sun creams which are more user friendly and feel nicer on the skin too. There must be... the search continues.

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Decleor Aroma Sun Expert: soothing after-sun cream

Oooff I'm back!!! Holiday fun and post holiday busy-ness (and illness - boo!!) has kept me from blogging but it has never gone too far from my mind. I have tonnes of hauls and reviews in the pipeline so please follow me and or any of these social network sites on the right if you want to keep up to date... :-)

So Decleor... I love this brand. Everything I have ever used of it has been a hit. I love the bright and clean chic packaging. The tube has a matt finish so it also feel lux. It's just great. I just wish this brand was eaiser to get hold of. Saying that have an extensive stock which, if memory serves, has reasonable postage.

To the product itself... I must say it was a joy to use. I actually lived in my hat and sunglasses on my holiday so I didn't find that my face was particularly tender from the hot sun, but despite that this after-sun soothing cream felt very nourishing and melted into the skin a treat, leaving my skin feeling subtle and refreshed by morning. It is a white runny cream that has a really strong floral scent. I dislike the smell a lot it has to be said but overall it is very nice to use and I dare say I will repurchase when this runs out. I got this for approxiamtely £15 plus p&p. xoxo

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Product review: Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume shampoo and conditioner

Not the most exciting topic in the world nor the most luxurious but as there's so much choice out there I think shampoo and conditioner is important to review. I'm between my cut and colour at the minute and have dry ends and greasy roots so I found looking for a shampoo/conditioner to cater for this a real problem. As I am planning to get my hair bleached at the end of the month all I needed was a little something to keep me going.

Apart from being greasy and dry my hair, in a nutshell, is fine and lifeless, so I decided to go for a volumising shampoo/conditioner duo - Herbal Essences in Uplifting Volume. Not just volume - uplifting volume!! Snazzy, for fine/normal hair...with passion flower and pearl extracts.

I got each 200ml bottle for £1.75 from Morrisons and was definitely attracted by the packaging to buy this over the other brands. I think Herbal Essences rebranded about 3/4 years ago, which I think was a good call . their packaging is bright and funky and the bottles shaped in a 'ying n yang' style to encourage the purchase of both shampoo and conditioner, which is clever.

I definitely found I had much more lift to my hair and my roots felt very clean and nourished. My coloured/damage ends haven't faired as well by this, but I guess that is to be expected. I put on my Maccadamia oil and serum on the roots to nourish them better. A note on the smell - both shampoo and conditioner smell the same - a slight note of citrus fruit but mostly are very chemically smelling.

Overall The Herbal Essences does its job at giving my hair a good clean and condition. I found no build up of residue or fizzy flyaway ends, which I find with lots of the very cheap brands available (I.e: Avon - shudder). After using this duo a while I have to say I really like it. If your on a budget definitely give this shampoo a go. xoxo

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

YSL lipsticks

Here's a little cosmetic porn to brighten your day ;-). YSL packaging screams high end chic and non more than their lipsticks. They were pricey at £22 each (now sell for £23.50 - inflation's a bitch) but hey ho. One needs to splurge and pamper oneself every now and then. Check out YSL's full range of lipsticks on

The cylindrical lippie is the Rouge Veloupte in No 2 (Blond Sensuel) - a pink based nude which smells of watermelon. The consistency is very creamy and is prone to caking and highlighting any cracks on your lips if you are not careful. It is very much a 'your lips but better' shade. Aesthetically I like this packaging the best and has a little mirror on top of the lid for 'on the go' application. You also get more bang for your buck with 4 grams of product. Boots say:
A nutri-protective vegetal complex nourishes your lips, keeping them smooth, soft and comfortable. New Rouge Volupte lipstick has a glossy film that reflects the light, and the colorshine complex that magnifies the colour. 

The cuboid lippie is the Fard A Levre rouge Pur in No 148 (Rose The) which smells of vanilla and plasticine. Weird. This one is much glossier in texture and glides over the lips much easier than the rouge veloupte. It is more of a 'pale your lips out' pink based nude, nude. It has a SPF of 8, which is a bonus, too. I prefer this lipstick over all due to the consistency and colour. Unfortunately you get a bit less product at 3.5 grams and I wouldn't say this was particularly long lasting at all. Boots say:
Yves Saint Laurent's Pure Matt Lipstick helps to strengthen the lips' natural defences. Its dermatologically developed formula also assists hydration (with bee and candellila waxes) and protects against the sun's harmful effects. Perfect mattness and evenness. Matt, intense, comfortable, long-lasting. A genuine treatment for your lips on each application.