Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Top Tips on Bleaching your Hair.

Hi all. This week has been beauty maintenance week and that means the dreaded 3 month bleaching session. My roots start showing after a month and a half but I push it. Plus at the same time my hairs growing out so I guess I like the Debbie Harry messy-chic look. So if you fancy going on the uber blond side and dousing your head with chemicals in the name of "getting the look" read on...

Top Tip One
Really don't do it yourself as the chances of missing bits is very likely and no one likes the patchy look.

Top Tip Two
Don't wash your hair for as long as you can stand it before bleaching. Salons recommend 3-4 days minimum. This is healthier for your scalp.

Top Tip Three
Unless you like the yellow, Swedish pornstar, look use a toner over the top. This will quickly get rid of any yellow tones in your hair. If you let a professional do this they will do tone your hair for you.

This is what happens when tip 1 and 3 are not adhered to!!!

Top Tip Four
When your hair grows out only bleach the roots. Doing the whole head is unnecessary and will really destroy your hair.

Top Tip Five
Consider highlights if you have longer hair as they will give your hair so much more dimension. It is also better for your hair and scalp, and in my personal oppinion looks so much nicer.

Top Tip Six
Use a silverising shampoo at least twice a week to prevent your hair going brassy. Use more and you can get really white/silver results. I love this personally.

Top Tip Seven
It is very important to keep your hair deeply conditioned so use deep replenishing conditioner and overnight haircare oils etc to keep it looking healthy.

Top Tip Eight 
Keep your hair looking its best by getting your ends cuts regularily.

Top Tip Nine
Use a good conditioner that is specifically for damaged hair. Yes bleaching your hair is probably the worst thing you can do to it.

Top Tip Ten
Be mindful that it will REALLY damage your hair...

To recap: keep up with the maintance by getting it cut regularily and keeping it moisturised and nourished. Plus only bleach the roots and if possible get the professionals to do it.

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