Wednesday, 23 November 2011

China Glaze: let it snow

I had an epiphany. GLITTER. Christmas is all about GLITTER. I need glitter. for  Christmas. It's happening. I tweeted such : this christmas its all about glitter nails and im getting started early - excited

One day, a few days later... I read Makeup savy Tweet that she had just received Christmas china glaze polishes in the post. So Like a bat out of hell, as fast as the speed of light. I googled and discovered allyoudesire's amazing blog showcasing the polishes beautifully LINK. My mind was set. I needed Ring in the red, Blue years eve, Tinsel town and most importantly and especially Twinkle lights in my life...And.. after much deliberation... Glittering garland ASAP. After scouring the internet for the best deals I bought from beautyzone2007 off EBay LINK. They were such a bargain as they amount to around £5 each including p&p - score!! 16 days later (boo) and they finally came!! Strike a pose christmassy ladies. Enjoy xx

L-R:- Glittering Garland, Ring in the Red, Twinkle Lights, Tinsel Town and Blues Years Eve

Glittering Garland and Blues Years Eve are shimmery cream polishes that apply like a dream. One/two coats and your good to go! Ring in the Red and Tinsel Town both contain flecks of small and large glitter suspended in a coloured gel. Tinsel Town's glitter are chunkier which creates greater opacity in only one/two coats and shimmers on the nails. Ring in the Red requires a few more coats for the same opacity and truly SPARKLES on the nails! The glitter just dances about like a dream and is oh so beautiful. 

And finally we have Twinkle Lights - the polish that has been described as Christmas in a bottle! It's comprised of: flecks of gold, red and green glitter suspended in a clear gel base - opacity in three coats.  I was a little disappointed by this in real life but once on the nails this is sparkly Christmas magic and along with Ring in the Red will be my holiday season go to. 

Which polishes do you like the look of best? picked any up from the Let it Snow Collection??

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