Monday, 28 November 2011

Product Review: Clinique lash doubling mascara

Hello and welcome to my second mascara product review (Check out my Estee Lauder double wear zero smudge curling mascara: product review HERE). I think that mascara's are the hardest products to buy as you can't test them and they are rather expensive so here we are. I swear to make a review for all my mascaras I use in the future. I've already bought my backup - Revlon's grow luscious Mascara so that will be coming your way in the coming months... And on to the product in question: Clinique lash doubling mascara. I bought this on the back of a makeup tutorial that Nicola from Pixiwoo did inwhich she used this mascara. It looked amazing on her. Her lashes looked so full and long. I just had to get it.

Clinique mascara's are around £17 so on retrospect bloody expensive but is what you expect to pay for a high end mascara unfortunately. In fact they go up to £25 plus for some brands. The packaging is a plain and simple tube with a silver twist lids with a C embossed on the top. I particularly like the shimmery icy blue packaging - it looks rather chic in my makeup bag. I love the wand - The domed head is presumably designed to reach the shorter corner lashes easily which is a plus. It is made from bristles opposed to the awful plastic wands which clump my eyelashes together. Plus the product is rather wet. Which I see as a positive. The wetter the product is the longer it can last :-). Also wetter formulations don't clump your lashes or be prone to flaking as much as dryer formulations.

In terms of its performance. I find these things so subjective. Personal preference varies so much - check Makeup Alley out for a range of views - I'll show you in pictures and let you make up your own mind (take note that this mascara is probably 6 months old now). My lashes are rather short to begin to with and I get oily around my eyes, during the day, so that may impact on quality of the results.

no mascara

one/two coats

Lots of Coats

My BIG PEEVE with this mascara is that too much product gets on the brush due to a highly rubbish "stopper" that in turn create "spider leg" splodges on your lashes. This has annoyed me to the max whenever I have used this and puts me off ever buying it again. The only way forward is to wipe the brush every time it is used, which takes the majority of product off causing a less voluminous lash and wasting tonnes of product. For the most part I have to just brave it and deal with the splodge factor afterwards.

Overall it would be a great product if the stopper was better but as it is it's too much hassle. But hopefully mine was a dodgy tube. It's a shame as it makes my lashes nice and fluttery, which builds to an overall decent voluminous affect. Performance-wise it smudges. But most mascaras smudge on me to be honest.

I hope this has been helpful xxx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

China Glaze: let it snow

I had an epiphany. GLITTER. Christmas is all about GLITTER. I need glitter. for  Christmas. It's happening. I tweeted such : this christmas its all about glitter nails and im getting started early - excited

One day, a few days later... I read Makeup savy Tweet that she had just received Christmas china glaze polishes in the post. So Like a bat out of hell, as fast as the speed of light. I googled and discovered allyoudesire's amazing blog showcasing the polishes beautifully LINK. My mind was set. I needed Ring in the red, Blue years eve, Tinsel town and most importantly and especially Twinkle lights in my life...And.. after much deliberation... Glittering garland ASAP. After scouring the internet for the best deals I bought from beautyzone2007 off EBay LINK. They were such a bargain as they amount to around £5 each including p&p - score!! 16 days later (boo) and they finally came!! Strike a pose christmassy ladies. Enjoy xx

L-R:- Glittering Garland, Ring in the Red, Twinkle Lights, Tinsel Town and Blues Years Eve

Glittering Garland and Blues Years Eve are shimmery cream polishes that apply like a dream. One/two coats and your good to go! Ring in the Red and Tinsel Town both contain flecks of small and large glitter suspended in a coloured gel. Tinsel Town's glitter are chunkier which creates greater opacity in only one/two coats and shimmers on the nails. Ring in the Red requires a few more coats for the same opacity and truly SPARKLES on the nails! The glitter just dances about like a dream and is oh so beautiful. 

And finally we have Twinkle Lights - the polish that has been described as Christmas in a bottle! It's comprised of: flecks of gold, red and green glitter suspended in a clear gel base - opacity in three coats.  I was a little disappointed by this in real life but once on the nails this is sparkly Christmas magic and along with Ring in the Red will be my holiday season go to. 

Which polishes do you like the look of best? picked any up from the Let it Snow Collection??

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Giving-in to the hype: Liz Earle cleanse and polish

Can this be the holy grail of the skin care world?? I have heard nothing bad about this stuff in the beauty community and all seem to agree on the fact that it is amazing... a real treat for the skin.

I have already bought and finished off the Boots cleanse and polish counter part and have to say I really liked it. All comparison posts I have read proclaim Liz Earle the victor. Although I remember one blogger saying it isn't as creamy and thick as the Boots. Nether the less I made a choice... lets go with the hype and see where it gets me.

I bought the 200ml tube, as I couldn't find any steals on Ebay and the like for the 100ml, and I essentially got £5 off it so that is how I'm justifying the expense. Anyway to the spoils... I'm expecting god like results from this: no joke. I hope I'm not disappointed.

This is what Liz Earle Say: 
We only make one cleanser because this formulation is the ultimate in concentrated yet gentle cleansing power and works on every age and skin type.
Our plant based cleanser has a two-phase action, phase one is the cleansing. Free from mineral oil, it has a rich and creamy texture and swiftly removes all traces of face and eye make up, even stubborn mascara.
Phase two is the polishing. Polish off the cream using the pure muslin cloth to gently dislodge dead skin cells and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin.
Naturally active ingredients include eucalyptus and cocoa butter for smoother, clearer skin.

First impressions: 21st October 2011

Firstly I disagree with that nameless blogger: I find this as creamy and thick as the Boots counterpart. Second, what first caught me was its menthol smell and that it gives a refreshing, cooling sensation; which altogether reminded me of Vicks Rub. I'm guessing that's the eucalyptus. It definately revitalises the skin. First impressions therefore are positive and I have been looking forward to washing my face morning and night. This is the perfect time to see how great the effects are for smoother and clearer skin because I am dealing with a few blemishes at present AND dry sore skin around my mouth - thankyou central heating. Is Liz Earle good enough to counteract both at the same time? Time will tell.

2 weeks later: 3rd November 2011

After using Liz Earle for two weeks I can safely say that I love this. My dry skin is gone and the tightness that I felt due to the change in weather is also gone. I found that new blemishes that have come up in the past few weeks dried up straight away! My skin feels much softer and radiant now. Definitely reccomend this!! All should try this out.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Top Tips on Bleaching your Hair.

Hi all. This week has been beauty maintenance week and that means the dreaded 3 month bleaching session. My roots start showing after a month and a half but I push it. Plus at the same time my hairs growing out so I guess I like the Debbie Harry messy-chic look. So if you fancy going on the uber blond side and dousing your head with chemicals in the name of "getting the look" read on...

Top Tip One
Really don't do it yourself as the chances of missing bits is very likely and no one likes the patchy look.

Top Tip Two
Don't wash your hair for as long as you can stand it before bleaching. Salons recommend 3-4 days minimum. This is healthier for your scalp.

Top Tip Three
Unless you like the yellow, Swedish pornstar, look use a toner over the top. This will quickly get rid of any yellow tones in your hair. If you let a professional do this they will do tone your hair for you.

This is what happens when tip 1 and 3 are not adhered to!!!

Top Tip Four
When your hair grows out only bleach the roots. Doing the whole head is unnecessary and will really destroy your hair.

Top Tip Five
Consider highlights if you have longer hair as they will give your hair so much more dimension. It is also better for your hair and scalp, and in my personal oppinion looks so much nicer.

Top Tip Six
Use a silverising shampoo at least twice a week to prevent your hair going brassy. Use more and you can get really white/silver results. I love this personally.

Top Tip Seven
It is very important to keep your hair deeply conditioned so use deep replenishing conditioner and overnight haircare oils etc to keep it looking healthy.

Top Tip Eight 
Keep your hair looking its best by getting your ends cuts regularily.

Top Tip Nine
Use a good conditioner that is specifically for damaged hair. Yes bleaching your hair is probably the worst thing you can do to it.

Top Tip Ten
Be mindful that it will REALLY damage your hair...

To recap: keep up with the maintance by getting it cut regularily and keeping it moisturised and nourished. Plus only bleach the roots and if possible get the professionals to do it.