Thursday, 6 October 2011

SMACKDOWN!! Gel Moisturisers.

In the red corner with a volume of 125ml, costing £28.50 Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing gel!! 

And in the blue corner with a volume of 50ml, costing £33. Clarins HydroQuench cooling 

In my opinion Clinique is be the starting brand for beauty lovers breaking into the premium market whereas Clarins appears to be a more established brand for the more mature woman. Clarins also is around the same pricing as Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden. Clinique is definitely cheaper and this shows in their packaging. For the most part it is plastic whereas Clarins packaging exudes a high end luxury. Clarins is £4.50 more expensive for 75ml less than the Clinique but looks so much better. Much more weighty and is a beautiful blue frosted glass jar with a golden rimmed twist-off lid. It's perhaps less hygenic than the Clinique as you have to scoop the product with your fingers. The clinique comes in a clear plastic bottle with a silver lid and pump. This is great until you get the end and most your morning is spent scooping product from around the edges. The Clinique also comes in a 50ml sqeezy tube and that retails for £16.50.

The Clarins is much thicker in consistency, smells faintly of flowers and takes a minute or two to soak into the skin. It is much harder to blend than Clinique, as that melts into the skin straight away. Clinique has a very light formulation and smells faintly chemical but this is mostly undetectable. Clinique leaves your skin feeling so soft and supple. I mention this as most moisturisers on me leave my skin feeling all sticky and gross rather than mm... soft and supple?. The Clarins unfortunately leaves a slight tacky feeling on the skin which dissipates eventually. Unfortunately it can leave the skin a tad greasy, for me, in the T zone. It does "do what it says on the tin" though - it comes into its own when it is warm as it truly has a lovely cooling affect on the skin and feels almost refreshing on a hot and sticky nights.

On another note: Clinique lasts twice as long as it has a use by date of 24 months opposed to Clarins' 12 months. I assume this is due to the product being fully exposed to the air, having a screw off lid, or has less preservatives, which on the cuff could be an indicator that Clarins is better for the skin than Clinique?

In conclusion  Clarins is down for the count and Clinique is the victor. This was always going to be a tough fight between a rooky and a heavy weight champion. Clinique remains my Holy Grail (check out my other posts on this: Products of greatness and summer 2011 beauty favourites). That is not to say Clarins is not a great moisturiser on it's own merit. I just don't get the love factor with this and in all honesty will not repurchase; but I don't dislike it by any means (Check out what other Clarins goodies I purchased this summer: Clarins Haul).

I hope you have found this useful. And if you've tried both of these, what is your favourite?? xx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


super excited about this...Back story is I have wanted Mat Lumiere for the longest time but I can't get the right shade (14 ivory) in this country. My boyfriend went to America last week so I asked him to pick it up for me. And in a cheeky mood I kinda asked for 75 Dragon Rouge Allure Laque and 85 Mirifique Illusion d'ombre aswell... I really am so excited and just can't hide it... feast your eyes guys xx

First impressions: Illusion d'ombre in 85 Mirifique is very very sparkly cream eyeshadow and due to the amount of sparkle can look like a gunmetal colour. It is also very pigmented. Did I mention it's sparkly. I find sparkle all over my face when I use this. It has a really gorgeous buttery consistency and applies very smoothly however there can be cake-age if you put on too much. I really want a navy blue one just like this!

First impressions: Mat Lumiere 14 Ivory is gorgeous on the skin, Truely lovely. I use 2 pumps and then blend with my fingers. It really is such a dream to apply and in my opinion kicks Estee Lauders Double Wear's butt. Where other foundations cake, gloop, streak or stick to dry spots this does not and makes your skin look immaculate. Negatives?, which unfortunately there are, the smell of this makes me nauseous but I did not notice when applying and you can't smell it when its on so this is no big unless you spend your time sniffing the pump. Also it's very much on the yellow toned side. As I'm cool toned anyway this isn't bad for me, but for warmer toned skins out there be warned. I'd say 14 ivory is best for NC20 skin, perhaps a tad darker.

First Impressions: Rouge Allure Laque in 75 Dragon. Wow the perfect red. It's a dark blue toned red which I can't describe as anything else other than the colour of blood. Definitely a staple for those of you who want to rock the 40's trend this fall. The tube is uber chic black glass yet is much smaller and dumpier than I would be. Alot of product comes out on this one and the doe foot applicator isn't very precise. Therefore I reccomend you swipe colour on your bottom lip and blend out with a brush. The result is uber glamorous glossy lips. Personally I get too paranoid of bleeding or an  incident resulting in red being swiped across my cheek so I need to dab my lips with tissue. This results in a beautiful red stain. Gorgeous but I reccomend a lipstick to do the job. It would be so much easier.