Friday, 5 August 2011

Sigma Brush Haul

My frivolity came to a head about six weeks ago now (this post is a long, LONG, time coming!) when I ordered £80 worth of Sigma brushes online (after a 10% discount from TiffanyD on Youtube -  check out her channel HERE). For any of you readers who have stumbled across my blog and think - what a t***!! Honestly decent brushes are really expensive OK!!! For all you beauty readers you know that Sigma brushes are good quality for a fraction of MAC prices and know that I did well for 13 brushes, a holder and a "freebie" travel size blender brush.

To the UK shipping costs $22, however they strongly suggest that you get the $44 option. In my opinion "don't bother". These brushes came to me in 7 days although the website scares you with a 2 month plus waiting time.

I bought Sigma's travel pink kit last year but I have been  wanting some normal sized ones.. Ideally I would buy more MAC brushes but I would only be able to get one or two once a month as they are substantially more expensive so instant gratification triumphed!

I opted for the "Make Me Classy" Make me up set, in which you get 12 brushes in a 'durable and multifunctional container' (see website HERE). On retrospect, although the containers look rather swanky on my vanity table, I can't help but think that I should have bought the brushes separately (for $20 cheaper) and buy my own brush holders. I think that the container is too bulky to actually be used as a travel item. But I am yet to travel anywhere so we'll see.. Or buy the roll instead for the same price?? It's done now so lets move on... :-/

I also bought the tapered face F25 brush. I have wanted the MAC equivalent for months but it was just too expensive at £35 and I could never part with the cash. $19 or (£11.36) is much easier to part with. xx


  1. I really need to invest in a set of good brushes...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I have this kit too, it's amazing! I love the container, I've never seen something similar before. The F25 looks interesting (:

  3. @Courtney - definately do. It's well worth it xx
    @GABY - the F25 has fast become one of my favourites. The container is really good quality. I forgot to mention that xx