Tuesday, 16 August 2011

grey nails - chic?

Revlon smoky canvas 

or eek!! I want to start off by saying I think they look chic in editorials, in the polish bottle, on the internet on others' fingernails... But on me?? At first I did not like at all. Especially when I added a matte top coat giving my nails an effect reminiscent of concrete. Neither did anybody else I found. Responses varied from "ugh" to "it's grey!!!" Perhaps it's because i'm still in a summer loving kinda mood or am obsessed with neon brights at the moment but grey just wasn't working for me, no matter how many times I chanted to myself that it was chic and cool and fashionable.

By the time I got round to taking a picture of my nails the matte top coat had worn off and with a sheen the grey nails don't look too bad... I wouldn't say I'm in love with grey nails yet but they look quite cool. I'll give smoky canvas another try when the weather turns but leave the matte coat off. xx


  1. I loooove grey nail polishes, so chic and original!

  2. Cool colour! Good choise ;)

  3. Thanks for commenting guys. I really wasn't keen at first but I was rather sad to take it off. xx