Wednesday, 24 August 2011

going going GONE

It's so annoying when your best loved beauty products are on their last legs - all at once!!!. This is the time for new beginnings or a frantic rush to repurchase.


First it's my Bioderma cleanser. Advocated by Lisa Eldridge amongst others, I had to go out and get this. This has a slight scent to it but essentially this is as close to water as products get. I find it's very gentle on the skin leaving it silky smooth yet refreshed. I don't believe it is the wonder product people make out it is as I find it a chore sometimes to get stubborn mascara etc away but its pretty darn close and the best makeup remover/cleanser I've used. I will definitely repurchase this.  9/10

Second It's my No7 cleanse and polish. It's a very thick creamy product which applies onto dry skin and you remove it via a wet muslin cloth. I loved this most in the winter as I found it helped with my bi-polar skin (check out my post about it and other winter wonders in my post BECAUSE WINTER HATES YOUR FACE). I like this product alot but... and it's a big buttt. I only purchased this on the back of the product hype of Liz Earle's Cleanse and polish and with a £5 discount No7 voucher so i'm sad to say this was only purchased as a cheap alternative. I've read comparison reviews and Liz Earle always comes out on top, as it was the product I originally wanted to try I've decided that that is what I'll replace it with. sorry No7 your still a great nourishing product and a pleasure to use. 8/10

Thirds is my dramatically different moisturizing gel. At the moment I am scooping the goods from around the pot as there is no longer enough to pump it out. I have already bought a Clarins gel moisturiser to replace this with as it caught my eye a while back. I don't like this as much so far as it isn't as easily blended into the skin, but we'll see how it goes. Clinique gel moisturizer never fear you'll be on my christmas list. 10/10 A******* Holy Grail stauts over here!!!

Forth is St Ives body scrub. Like it's facial scrub counter part this is awesome. it smells lush and is just a great, enjoyable product to use. It is definitely on Parr with my other fave - Body Shops coconut scrub but is less than half the price. They have changed the packaging as well so that is reason enough to go out and buy it again. 10/10


Fifth is my John Freida Sheer Blonde shampoo and conditioner. I find myself buying this every other time I purchase shampoo so I do like it. Definitely one to try. I've been brunette and red as well and loved the Brilliant Brunette range so much and so much more than the blond counterpart but I HATED the radiant red range. It was so awful and did nothing to radiate your red rather how to coat your hair in residue. Not recommended! Back to the blonde and the product under the spotlight - will I repurchase?? eventually again yes, but not this time around, I want to shake it up a bit. 6/10

Sixth is John Freida Hair serum thermal protection in transform. There's three daily serums and one night serum available and this deals with fine and flyaway hair and protects against damage and frizz. This was great last year when I had longer hair and highlights as my hair is so fine and lifeless that this was a god send. However since I have been bleaching my whole head and cutting my hair pixi short this just isn't cutting it. I need a serum which really moisturises my damaged hair. So the search continues... verdict for bleached hair 4/10. Long fine hair 9/10

Seventh and last we have Tresemme thermal recovery intense repair and rehydration treatment. This is haauuuggee!! and has lasted me at least a year and a half. It smells great and is really cheap. Tresemme products in general are great for bargains. This is definitely a lovely deep conditioner. I use this after my silverising shampoo to inject that luster back into my hair. Will I repurchase?? Maby but there's so much choice on the shelves that I'm going to try something else first. 8/10

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