Saturday, 2 July 2011

summer face basics- products to help endure the heat xx

Here in the UK we're finally hitting the "hot" months and with it comes a change in routine in terms of makeup and skincare... when it's hot my face is oilier leading to more breakouts and an overall much shinier complexion. So lets get on with my go to base summer products, I hope you find this useful ... Enjoy xx

For very hot weather the best moisturiser (I find) is a gel formulation and my number one favourite beauty product Clinique Dramatically different gel moisturizer comes into it's own. Although this product melts into the skin all year round this is especially noticeable and necessary in the summer. a great one for morning and perfect for hot and sticky nights.

SPF junky
At the moment I'm a real SPF junky and am really buying into the idea that it is the best anti aging product. As such I try to always put it on. Of which I decided to invest in a facial sunscreen and have decided to give Clinique's Super City Block (SPF of 40!!!!) a go. This is a newly acquired purchase but is oil free and can be used around the eye area. Plus they say this can be used as a primer to use under makeup; so, so far so good.

I'm back to using my trustee MAC studio finish concealer (in NC20) on my troublesome areas. this has an SPF of 35 which is pretty awesome and has the best coverage that I have ever used. I love this.. 

And Powder
Whilst others turn to cream products in the summer I go back to powder. my powder of choice is my Clinique (loose) blended face powder in 08 transparency neutral. This gives a lovely satin finish to the skin and relinquishes all signs of shine. Also I'm loving the bronzed "goddess" look at the mo and my newly purchased Dior matt bronzer in 002 honey tan is my go to. I love it and with an SPF of 20 it's doubly special.

~ x0x ~

On another note I'm fighting every urge I have not to run out and get the Dior amber diamond shimmer powder. I tried it on at the Dior counter and I'm hooked. BUT I have spent TOO much money lately on frivolity and am starting to get buyers remorse - Booh!! :-(

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