Wednesday, 6 July 2011

All Hail Debenhams!!!! Illamasqua and MAC

Hallelujah - when I thought all hope was gone Debenhams came to my rescue. I have blogged before (LINK) about how Illamasqua was sold out of the powder blush Katie and that all hope was lost - but on a last ditch attempt to find it online Debenhams came to my rescue (LINK - but alas Katie is sold out here now too- Phew I was lucky!!). I also bought a studio finish concealer in NC20 to bulk up my bag to £30 and free shipping eligibility... check out my haul xx

The colour is gorgeous and everything I wanted it to be - It's the lightest bubblegum pink blush I have ever seen.
The payoff is good and is very buildable. I wasn't like "this is the most pigmented thing ever" - but its better than most.
The powder is very finely milled and when you swipe a brush in you will get lots of excess loose powder.
The packaging is sturdy but looks very "plasticy" (if you know what I mean) and is rather bulky. I appreciate brands like MAC/NARS that streamline their packaging

overall - very happy with my blush and concealer. Studio finish concealer is the best FYI  xx


  1. wow... great review.... wish illamasqua blushes are available here in the Philippines...
    by the way i followed your blog....
    please follow me too!
    i am just new in blogging...

  2. hey peppermintcrinkles (awesome name btw...) Thankyou for commenting and following - I've returned the favour ;-) xx