Thursday, 23 June 2011

Product Review: Clarins INSTANT LIGHT Lip Perfector (12ml)

The Clarins Instant Light lip perfector is lovely. I had owned it once before and thought it was nice but have only really loved it this time around. It comes in three shades. A natural pink (01 rose shimmer), peach (02 apricot shimmer) and nude (03 beige). I have all three. Not only is this the most moisturising lip balm I've used in a long time, it gives your lips a glossy sheen without the stickiness. It is full of moisturising agents and nutrients and after a fortnight of using this I saw my normally dry, cracked lips become soft and supple. The wash of subtle colour as well is the finishing perfecting touch. It smells of caramel too and sales at around £15. 10/10. I use this daily I'm just worried it's running out too quickly... xx

Clarins say

Beauty Benefits:
A melting gel with a deliciously sweet flavour and 3D shimmer, for luscious, smooth, shiny lips and a natural-coloured, luminous smile. It nourishes, repairs and protects lips to leave them incredibly beautiful. Day by day they are more kissable, simply irresistible.

For smoother, more luscious, kiss-me lips! Apply alone or over lipstick

Active Ingredients:
-Supple, well-moisturized lips: extracts of Shea Butter, Wild Mango and plant perhydrosqualene repair and soften.
-Derivatives of Vitamins A and E reinforce the repairing action and protect against free radicals.

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