Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Completely Subjective Product Review:Max Factor Xperience foundation

For one reason or other I have gained a few more spot friends in the past few days and have re-developed really oily skin. This is troubling me because for the last, what?,  3 months (at least) my skin has been lvely - ok so I always have large pores and blackheads but no pimples or excessively oily skin which I had in my teens. I had the audacity to think that those oily, excessive sebum, days were behind me and I could tick the combination/normal skin box... apparently not.

so anyway this post has a point... I'm starting to write a mini review post on a few things I bought from boots last month and in the name of research and to give my current flawed skin some more coverage I went to slap on my new-ish foundation Max Factor Xperience (in Raw Silk 45)... I usually massage this product into my skin, centre outwards, with my fingers. This has worked very well so far. My only qualms being that I feel that It is slightly too pink for my cool toned skin. However I have asked many people if I look too pink - everyone says I look good: colour and coverage wise...

Anyway back to today and on oily spotty skin I decided to test it's "buildability" and overall coverage. My thoughts are thus:
1. looks like a mask
2. makes my skin look shiny (boyfriend says glossy, however this could have been the cream blush, the juries out)
3. Boyfriend also says this makes my spots really prominent (FYI no extra concealer was used)
4. Pretty sure it's too pink - there were definitely tide marks on my neck - maby I'm being picky
5. Felt really tacky even with powder. I had it on for 6 hours and remained tacky - so it doesn't set right??
6. 6 hour wear is pretty good going.

I would say however that if you apply with fingers and have combo/normal skin this foundation does feel as light as air and successfully evens skin tone and veils pores which, for the most part, is all I need it for. This retails at £9.99 for 30ml - Check out the Boots website... funny I have just read the directions on the Boots website- You should apply with fingers and then "sweep" a foundation brush over your face for an "airbrushed" look - ah well c'est la vie...

In FINAL conclusion: Xperience has a medium coverage, is not buildable at all, for combo/normal (maby dry, I couldn't say) skins, more for warmer skintones, is best applied with fingers and lasts for 6 hours at least.  I do hope this has been relatively useful to anyone who is after an "affordable" foundation. Or wants to share in bad skin nightmares. Lots of love Natalie xx

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Product Review: Clarins INSTANT LIGHT Lip Perfector (12ml)

The Clarins Instant Light lip perfector is lovely. I had owned it once before and thought it was nice but have only really loved it this time around. It comes in three shades. A natural pink (01 rose shimmer), peach (02 apricot shimmer) and nude (03 beige). I have all three. Not only is this the most moisturising lip balm I've used in a long time, it gives your lips a glossy sheen without the stickiness. It is full of moisturising agents and nutrients and after a fortnight of using this I saw my normally dry, cracked lips become soft and supple. The wash of subtle colour as well is the finishing perfecting touch. It smells of caramel too and sales at around £15. 10/10. I use this daily I'm just worried it's running out too quickly... xx

Clarins say

Beauty Benefits:
A melting gel with a deliciously sweet flavour and 3D shimmer, for luscious, smooth, shiny lips and a natural-coloured, luminous smile. It nourishes, repairs and protects lips to leave them incredibly beautiful. Day by day they are more kissable, simply irresistible.

For smoother, more luscious, kiss-me lips! Apply alone or over lipstick

Active Ingredients:
-Supple, well-moisturized lips: extracts of Shea Butter, Wild Mango and plant perhydrosqualene repair and soften.
-Derivatives of Vitamins A and E reinforce the repairing action and protect against free radicals.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

HAUL: YSL, Dior & Sleek

Have you ever gone to the shop wanting one thing and coming away with another?? Well today was a fine example of that. I went to town with the hope to bag a Chanel rouge coco shine lipstick or Estee Lauder Chrystal shine lipstick and NARS laguna bronzer - I came away with YSL lipstick, gloss and a Dior bronzer... ooh I did get the sleek blush I wanted but I'm not too impressed with that... I will explain.

This retails for £4.29 and is greatly pigmented, the packaging is very "sleek" :-) however it is not the colour I believed it to be... the tester was definitely a true light bubblegum pink... this one is very much on the magenta colour side and was quite a shock I can tell you when I ran home to play with it. so the search continues for the perfect light bubble gum pink - does anybody have any ideas??? 

First off this bronzer feels sooo silky smooth  and soft. It also smells faintly like roses and is water resistant... all in all I couldn't say no.. My issue was whether to get the lightest shade 001 (I assume??) and the one which I finally got the 002. The 001 was too yellow toned however the 002 was more of a true light bronze and looked nicer on my face. although the 002 was more prominent the 001 looked too yellow.. job done plus the packaging's so pretty and comes with a velvet pouch - I couldn't say n 

WOW this lipstick is so lovely. It goes on a dream and smells of rasberries - yum. I love it, the consistency is so creamy and glides on effortlessly. I much prefer this to the rouge velupte formula as that can highlight all the cracks, and will find out all the dryness, on my lips. I found this whilst looking at the YSL stand and fell in love. It's a peachy pink toned nude and is gorgeous. The ultra chic packaging just seals the deal...

This light bubblegum pink gloss was bought on the back of my "buy high" of the rouge pur lipstick and I rationalised its purchase as something i'll wear with my "bubblegum pink" sleek blush (yeah right)... Anyway this gloss, like the rouge velupte lipstick, smells of watermelon and is quite pigmented. It feels sticky on your hand however it seems to melt into your lips and doesn't feel sticky at all.

I hope you've enjoyed my first (and possibly last, in a long while) premium makeup haul. I hope I've given you some food for thought next time you go shopping. xx