Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Because Winter Hates your Face!!

The effects of cold, wet and windy weather and the suffocating dry heat of central heating has a nasty effect on your health, and on your skin, and everyone with combination skin feel the pain two fold. Sure if you have dry skin anyway you can intensify your routine with extra moisturising products - For those of us who get dry, sore patches but at the SAME TIME continue to suffer from large pores, blackheads and oily patches, we have a real battle on our hands to use products which will help counteract both. The abrasive spot fighting products will irritate the dry patches and extra moisturising products make your face look like an oil slick. It's a battle out there!!..

In a bid to help anyone in my position I thought I would share with you a few products I am loving right now which are seemingly neutralising my bipolar skin... First up I use the No7 hot cloth cleanser. This is a beautiful product that removes makeup flawlessly and that is non drying and non irritating on the skin. I am also using Olay Multi radiance moisturiser for combination skin. SPF15. I have repurchased this a few times and love it in the winter as it soaks into the skin nicely leaving NO sticky residue, I find it hydrates my skin as well as moisturising nasty dry patches - It really gives dehydrated skin a beautiful glow. It's £6.99 too so won't break the bank.

Also as I type I am feeling the drowsy nasty effects of my first winter cold take hold and am feeling the urge to run myself a lovely bath - so here are a few Lush products I am pampering myself with lately: the Snow Fairy shower gel and the comforter bubble bar - These smell absolutely gorgeous, so sweet and yummy, and are EXTREMELY moisturising: as such they are going down as my favourite bath products ever! Hopefully Santa will stock me up on these lovelies on the 24th....

I really can't recommend all these products enough. If your on the look out for new skin care or bath products definitely try these out. xx

Lipstick Pallet yay!

Since watching Letzmakeup's video on YT on how she depans her lipsticks into muji pallets I just had to do it. I live nowhere near a Muji store and the said pallet is not sold online so I had to be patient. Last week I finally got my mitts on one (cost £1.50) and got to work depotting my lipsticks. I took photos along the way to share my fun with you all. xx