Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Product Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero smudge Curling Mascara

As mine is now bin-worthy I thought I would share my thoughts on this mascara with you. I know I'm not alone in the endless quest for a great mascara so if your interested in this mascara then read on. I hope it is helpful.

Branding & Packaging 5/10
This is pretty swanky looking; navy blue tube, gold rim and Ridged twist lid, complete with gold lettering and french translation definitely represents the high end luxury of the Estee Lauder brand and helps one part with £17.00 much easier. The tube is very petite and thin. Straight away this is a giveaway that it is not very voluminous. the curved wand pops out with no clumps of product, perhaps a gloop right at the end but this can be easily swiped away. As part of the Double Wear product range the mascara is branded as one which will last a long time and will not smudge. Although the luxury of the brand is reflected there's no WOW factor in this packaging. If there wasn't promise of "no smudging" I would not have bought this. 

Formula & application 4/10
The formula always seemed to be rather thick and dried in the tube very quickly. The wand is very small and although great to get to the tiny lashes there is no chance of volume or substantial lengthening here. The wand is also very dense and combined with a thick, quick drying formula it became harder and harder to work with.

Product performance 6/10
I wanted a mascara that wouldn't smudge and that's what I got. There was also a noticeable curl but without volume or length to back it up the results was rather "meh"!! As mentioned before the decrease in formulation quality had a knock on affect on the performance of the product. It remained smudge free till the end but started to flake and fall down. I also got that spider leg lash affect after a month and a half of wearing this and it wasn't fun. At £17 lasting only a month and a half after expecting 6 is a deal breaker. 

I would not repurchase. No eyelash "umph", super quick drying formula and eventual flaking were three negatives too many! HOWEVER it did do what it said on the tin - it curled and did not smudge. If you have no other expectations other than this then it may be worth a try. xx


  1. Wow great review! What mascara have you moved onto now may I ask?


  2. Thanks Vida - at the minute i'm using up my Maybelline collosal - I have my eye on the new maxfactor one and the collection 2000 one pixiwoo use, I'll keep my blog posted on my quest for perfection. What mascara's do you use/swear by?? xx

  3. My favorite mascara *ever* is Maybelline Full and Soft (waterproof, in very black.) It's not a harsh waterproof that rips our your eyelashes. It does exactly what the name says: makes them full and soft. I keep trying other things and always go back.