Monday, 22 November 2010

MAC Pallets Overview

I love seeing what MAC eyeshadows other people have and always enjoy these posts so I thought I would do my own... Ooh FYI all palettes cost £11 and the pan shadows are £9. If you want an ordinary eyeshadow then it costs £11.

Enjoy xx

Pallet 1:

Top row from left: coquette, satin taupe, woodwinked, patina, all that glitters.
Middle row from left: club, brown down, sable, wedge, naked lunch.
Bottom row from left: brun, mulch, omega, brule, vanilla

My favourites are Club (possibly my all time favourite), patina and all that glitters (two amazing all over the lid colours). My least is brown down (rubbish colour payoff) and I'm still on the fence with satin taupe and sable (I've hardly used them, I should make an effort to really).

Pallet 2:

I followed a step by step on how to pop the separator out of your pallet and I destroyed it - that prominent black mark is marker covering the scratched bottom.

first row down: typographic, black tied, white frost.
In the corner, top left clockwise: Humid, sumptuous olive, knight divine, yogurt.

My favourites are black tide (for me the sparkles really show up if you pat it on thickly) and Humid (although this is hardly worn it was the first mac shadow I wanted) and my worst shadows are Yogurt and knight divine. I will never EVER wear them so I'm putting them on EBay. Let me know if your interested in them. I'm also on the fence whether to sell sumptuous olive as I don't think I'll ever use that either.

Lots of love xx

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