Wednesday, 24 November 2010


SOOO my boyfriend came home with a goody bag of Lushes lush lovelies for me the other day and as I'm on a "rent must come before buying makeup and clothes" binge I thought I'd show you what I got. xx


Bath bombs are fun and all but a bath isn't a bath without BUBBLES!! My all time favourite lush product is the bubble bar, any bubble bar - they're amazing. this one creates the most moisturising bubbles and turns the water blue :-). Now what's not to love??


I can't put my finger on the actual smell of this one but it's sweet. This is another bubble bar and is HUGE! I am yet to use this but am thinking to myself should I use half at a time to be economical or use the entire thing for a maxxxxed out bubble experience. decisions, decisions...


Now I was scared of this at first as the last lush face mask broke me out - I used it like the trooper I am and OH MY GOD.... this has broken me out so so so so BAD!!! I tried to pass my sore lumpy chin on as hormones but this cannot be a coincidence - In conclusion I am never using Lush face products again!!!


And finally I got a massage bar that smells of cloves. This is rather funny as my boyfriends least favourite smell in the world is cloves but as the aroma of the lush shop was so overwhelming he couldn't smell it. I'm excited to use this as I haven't used anything like it before.

That's it - A lil treat which I was very excited about. I have my eye on trying out snow fairy next as I hear good things and apparently it smells divine! xx

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  1. Pop in a bath and the comforter are 2 of my favoritee bubble bars from lush!