Monday, 4 October 2010

Lets Play with Eyelashes

I had just finished my makeup when I thought my eyes need more umph!! With time to spare I dug out my Nicola Eylure lashes which I had been saving for a special occasion – as no occasion or appropriate lash fitting time frame has presented itself yet I thought “yeah whatever” and proceeded to pop them on. The term pop is used loosely; the task is harder than it first appears…
Tools used:

Step 1 – curl eyelashes
Step 2 – apply mascara
Step 3 – snip outer edge of lashes to fit
Step 4 – glue on top (add a bit more to edges) and wait until glue is tacky
Step 5 – apply as close to the lash line as possible, ensuring inner edge of lashes is not too close to your tear duct.
Step 6 – wait until dry and then line to cover any gaps between the faux and real lashes with eyeliner


Are you a fan of faux eyelashes? What are your favourite pair? xx

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