Thursday, 14 October 2010

Makeup of the Moment!!!

These are the goodies I currently reach for... I thought I'd share my opinions on them with you

First - It's all about primers - My skin is sooo oily lately that a primer is a must. I use MAC's prep and prime skin base visage purely cus it was the first primer which I came across online and I wanted to try it out. It comes out a white glittery substance. It does the job but I can't compare it as I haven't used any other. I probably won't repurchase as there are others I wish to try. My eyelids are also bad at the moso I use the UD primer potion- I like it alot, I will repurchase definately.

Second - Skin - I use Nars sheer glow in Mont Blanc (light 2) and Clinique superfit in 16 Bare. I find the Nars easy to apply and overall all a lovely foundation. I see myself repurchasing this one but not the clinique. It's ok, a high coverage at least, but quite hard to apply and if your not careful it can look cakey. the next foundation on my list is the Chanel matt lumiere I believe, I also want to try the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. I own the No7 one but it feels so thick and nasty on my face and I swear it is breaking me out. Ooh I'm also feeling a test run using mineral foundation... and... the Estee Lauder day wear plus multi protection sheer tint!!

Third - concealment - I'm using Rimmel Recover anti-fatigue concealer, which I use under my eyes and on dark spot and sometimes blemishes - this is ok but is drying up at a crazy speed. Mostly for blemishes I use the rimmel stay matt dual action concealer - there's a green centre to this stick which is supposed to treat the blemish. Both are ok and were only bought because money was tight when they were needed. I desperately want to try the MAC studio finish concealer next though so neither rimmel concealer will be purchased again.

forth - lips - My lips are constantly chapped and my moisturising product of choice is the Nivea lip care repair and protect. You can see How much I've used up. I tried looking for a replacement but I couldn't find it :-(!!! perhaps they've changed the packaging. Believe me if I can find this again I will repurchase - I love it. My lips mostly go uncoloured but if they are I go for my rouge volupte in No 1. It's a nice natural colour which is slightly moisturising - i find swiping it on creates a cakey mess so mostly I dab it on and go..

Fifth - Cheeks - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Estee Lauder bronze goddess exotic bronzing blush - It's so pretty. It's a beautiful peach colour with a slight sheen that gives a fresh natural flushed look. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have also gotten into contouring lately and I love the Sleek face contour kit in 884 Light. It comes with a highlight which is reminiscent of MAC's naked lunch. Love this and will most likely repurchase as it is very cheap and I haven't come across any other product like it.

Six - Eyes - I was going crazy from my eyemakeup smudging so my lastest purchases of eyeliner and mascara were bought with the belief they would stay put!! I use the No 7 amazing eyes pencil in 05 black. It does not smudge but is not very user friendly. I like the smudger but because the product isn't very "fluid" or dries super quickly it doesn't smudge very well. this will last me a long time so i'll probably try something else when I eventually buy another black eyeliner. the Estee Lauder double wear zero-smudge curling mascara does what it says on the tin but I get no excitement with this product. I'm used to volumising mascaras so this one leaves my eyelashes looking flat. right now I feel I cant have high impact eyes and no smudging which is very annoying. As such I won't repurchase, I feel a visit to the maybelline stand coming on. Finally a new product for me is my Benefit eyebright. Does what it says on the tin aswell, is creamy and a nice product - will probably try another brand next time though.

And then Eyeshadows... All mac pans. My obsession a few months ago was MAC pallets - this is serious business people - these bad boys are not cheap!!
From left to right these are the colours I love and run for daily...
1. Club - I love this colour so much - it comes out a warm toned brown with green duochrome- I love packing it all over my lid and blending out. awsome.
2. Patina - An amazing all over colour, goldy brown shimmer.
3. Brun - I love the cool toned, murky browny taupes and Brun is a great colour to build drama for a smokey eye or double up as a liner.
4. Vanilla - very pale cream - a great highlight although I wasn't impressed at first. It's subtle bu effective.
5. Coquette - I love this taupy-grey-muted karkhi colour. I use it mostly to darken my eyebrows when omega is not enough but I have also used this as an all over colour to create a subtle smokey eye and in the crease with brun to add drama.
6. Brule - a great base colour and in truth you can't see a great difference on my lids except they brighten them up and cover redness etc. I often use this as an all over wash when I can't be bothered with eyeshadow. I use a no17 beige eyeshadow which is a great dupe for brule and is good quality aswell. all my shadows will last me a while I'll see if I repurchase.

I hope you've found this interesting and have gotten some ideas for when you next go shopping. xx

Monday, 4 October 2010

Lets Play with Eyelashes

I had just finished my makeup when I thought my eyes need more umph!! With time to spare I dug out my Nicola Eylure lashes which I had been saving for a special occasion – as no occasion or appropriate lash fitting time frame has presented itself yet I thought “yeah whatever” and proceeded to pop them on. The term pop is used loosely; the task is harder than it first appears…
Tools used:

Step 1 – curl eyelashes
Step 2 – apply mascara
Step 3 – snip outer edge of lashes to fit
Step 4 – glue on top (add a bit more to edges) and wait until glue is tacky
Step 5 – apply as close to the lash line as possible, ensuring inner edge of lashes is not too close to your tear duct.
Step 6 – wait until dry and then line to cover any gaps between the faux and real lashes with eyeliner


Are you a fan of faux eyelashes? What are your favourite pair? xx