Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Because Winter Hates your Face!!

The effects of cold, wet and windy weather and the suffocating dry heat of central heating has a nasty effect on your health, and on your skin, and everyone with combination skin feel the pain two fold. Sure if you have dry skin anyway you can intensify your routine with extra moisturising products - For those of us who get dry, sore patches but at the SAME TIME continue to suffer from large pores, blackheads and oily patches, we have a real battle on our hands to use products which will help counteract both. The abrasive spot fighting products will irritate the dry patches and extra moisturising products make your face look like an oil slick. It's a battle out there!!..

In a bid to help anyone in my position I thought I would share with you a few products I am loving right now which are seemingly neutralising my bipolar skin... First up I use the No7 hot cloth cleanser. This is a beautiful product that removes makeup flawlessly and that is non drying and non irritating on the skin. I am also using Olay Multi radiance moisturiser for combination skin. SPF15. I have repurchased this a few times and love it in the winter as it soaks into the skin nicely leaving NO sticky residue, I find it hydrates my skin as well as moisturising nasty dry patches - It really gives dehydrated skin a beautiful glow. It's £6.99 too so won't break the bank.

Also as I type I am feeling the drowsy nasty effects of my first winter cold take hold and am feeling the urge to run myself a lovely bath - so here are a few Lush products I am pampering myself with lately: the Snow Fairy shower gel and the comforter bubble bar - These smell absolutely gorgeous, so sweet and yummy, and are EXTREMELY moisturising: as such they are going down as my favourite bath products ever! Hopefully Santa will stock me up on these lovelies on the 24th....

I really can't recommend all these products enough. If your on the look out for new skin care or bath products definitely try these out. xx

Lipstick Pallet yay!

Since watching Letzmakeup's video on YT on how she depans her lipsticks into muji pallets I just had to do it. I live nowhere near a Muji store and the said pallet is not sold online so I had to be patient. Last week I finally got my mitts on one (cost £1.50) and got to work depotting my lipsticks. I took photos along the way to share my fun with you all. xx

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


SOOO my boyfriend came home with a goody bag of Lushes lush lovelies for me the other day and as I'm on a "rent must come before buying makeup and clothes" binge I thought I'd show you what I got. xx


Bath bombs are fun and all but a bath isn't a bath without BUBBLES!! My all time favourite lush product is the bubble bar, any bubble bar - they're amazing. this one creates the most moisturising bubbles and turns the water blue :-). Now what's not to love??


I can't put my finger on the actual smell of this one but it's sweet. This is another bubble bar and is HUGE! I am yet to use this but am thinking to myself should I use half at a time to be economical or use the entire thing for a maxxxxed out bubble experience. decisions, decisions...


Now I was scared of this at first as the last lush face mask broke me out - I used it like the trooper I am and OH MY GOD.... this has broken me out so so so so BAD!!! I tried to pass my sore lumpy chin on as hormones but this cannot be a coincidence - In conclusion I am never using Lush face products again!!!


And finally I got a massage bar that smells of cloves. This is rather funny as my boyfriends least favourite smell in the world is cloves but as the aroma of the lush shop was so overwhelming he couldn't smell it. I'm excited to use this as I haven't used anything like it before.

That's it - A lil treat which I was very excited about. I have my eye on trying out snow fairy next as I hear good things and apparently it smells divine! xx

Product Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero smudge Curling Mascara

As mine is now bin-worthy I thought I would share my thoughts on this mascara with you. I know I'm not alone in the endless quest for a great mascara so if your interested in this mascara then read on. I hope it is helpful.

Branding & Packaging 5/10
This is pretty swanky looking; navy blue tube, gold rim and Ridged twist lid, complete with gold lettering and french translation definitely represents the high end luxury of the Estee Lauder brand and helps one part with £17.00 much easier. The tube is very petite and thin. Straight away this is a giveaway that it is not very voluminous. the curved wand pops out with no clumps of product, perhaps a gloop right at the end but this can be easily swiped away. As part of the Double Wear product range the mascara is branded as one which will last a long time and will not smudge. Although the luxury of the brand is reflected there's no WOW factor in this packaging. If there wasn't promise of "no smudging" I would not have bought this. 

Formula & application 4/10
The formula always seemed to be rather thick and dried in the tube very quickly. The wand is very small and although great to get to the tiny lashes there is no chance of volume or substantial lengthening here. The wand is also very dense and combined with a thick, quick drying formula it became harder and harder to work with.

Product performance 6/10
I wanted a mascara that wouldn't smudge and that's what I got. There was also a noticeable curl but without volume or length to back it up the results was rather "meh"!! As mentioned before the decrease in formulation quality had a knock on affect on the performance of the product. It remained smudge free till the end but started to flake and fall down. I also got that spider leg lash affect after a month and a half of wearing this and it wasn't fun. At £17 lasting only a month and a half after expecting 6 is a deal breaker. 

I would not repurchase. No eyelash "umph", super quick drying formula and eventual flaking were three negatives too many! HOWEVER it did do what it said on the tin - it curled and did not smudge. If you have no other expectations other than this then it may be worth a try. xx

Monday, 22 November 2010

MAC Pallets Overview

I love seeing what MAC eyeshadows other people have and always enjoy these posts so I thought I would do my own... Ooh FYI all palettes cost £11 and the pan shadows are £9. If you want an ordinary eyeshadow then it costs £11.

Enjoy xx

Pallet 1:

Top row from left: coquette, satin taupe, woodwinked, patina, all that glitters.
Middle row from left: club, brown down, sable, wedge, naked lunch.
Bottom row from left: brun, mulch, omega, brule, vanilla

My favourites are Club (possibly my all time favourite), patina and all that glitters (two amazing all over the lid colours). My least is brown down (rubbish colour payoff) and I'm still on the fence with satin taupe and sable (I've hardly used them, I should make an effort to really).

Pallet 2:

I followed a step by step on how to pop the separator out of your pallet and I destroyed it - that prominent black mark is marker covering the scratched bottom.

first row down: typographic, black tied, white frost.
In the corner, top left clockwise: Humid, sumptuous olive, knight divine, yogurt.

My favourites are black tide (for me the sparkles really show up if you pat it on thickly) and Humid (although this is hardly worn it was the first mac shadow I wanted) and my worst shadows are Yogurt and knight divine. I will never EVER wear them so I'm putting them on EBay. Let me know if your interested in them. I'm also on the fence whether to sell sumptuous olive as I don't think I'll ever use that either.

Lots of love xx

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Makeup of the Moment!!!

These are the goodies I currently reach for... I thought I'd share my opinions on them with you

First - It's all about primers - My skin is sooo oily lately that a primer is a must. I use MAC's prep and prime skin base visage purely cus it was the first primer which I came across online and I wanted to try it out. It comes out a white glittery substance. It does the job but I can't compare it as I haven't used any other. I probably won't repurchase as there are others I wish to try. My eyelids are also bad at the moso I use the UD primer potion- I like it alot, I will repurchase definately.

Second - Skin - I use Nars sheer glow in Mont Blanc (light 2) and Clinique superfit in 16 Bare. I find the Nars easy to apply and overall all a lovely foundation. I see myself repurchasing this one but not the clinique. It's ok, a high coverage at least, but quite hard to apply and if your not careful it can look cakey. the next foundation on my list is the Chanel matt lumiere I believe, I also want to try the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. I own the No7 one but it feels so thick and nasty on my face and I swear it is breaking me out. Ooh I'm also feeling a test run using mineral foundation... and... the Estee Lauder day wear plus multi protection sheer tint!!

Third - concealment - I'm using Rimmel Recover anti-fatigue concealer, which I use under my eyes and on dark spot and sometimes blemishes - this is ok but is drying up at a crazy speed. Mostly for blemishes I use the rimmel stay matt dual action concealer - there's a green centre to this stick which is supposed to treat the blemish. Both are ok and were only bought because money was tight when they were needed. I desperately want to try the MAC studio finish concealer next though so neither rimmel concealer will be purchased again.

forth - lips - My lips are constantly chapped and my moisturising product of choice is the Nivea lip care repair and protect. You can see How much I've used up. I tried looking for a replacement but I couldn't find it :-(!!! perhaps they've changed the packaging. Believe me if I can find this again I will repurchase - I love it. My lips mostly go uncoloured but if they are I go for my rouge volupte in No 1. It's a nice natural colour which is slightly moisturising - i find swiping it on creates a cakey mess so mostly I dab it on and go..

Fifth - Cheeks - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Estee Lauder bronze goddess exotic bronzing blush - It's so pretty. It's a beautiful peach colour with a slight sheen that gives a fresh natural flushed look. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have also gotten into contouring lately and I love the Sleek face contour kit in 884 Light. It comes with a highlight which is reminiscent of MAC's naked lunch. Love this and will most likely repurchase as it is very cheap and I haven't come across any other product like it.

Six - Eyes - I was going crazy from my eyemakeup smudging so my lastest purchases of eyeliner and mascara were bought with the belief they would stay put!! I use the No 7 amazing eyes pencil in 05 black. It does not smudge but is not very user friendly. I like the smudger but because the product isn't very "fluid" or dries super quickly it doesn't smudge very well. this will last me a long time so i'll probably try something else when I eventually buy another black eyeliner. the Estee Lauder double wear zero-smudge curling mascara does what it says on the tin but I get no excitement with this product. I'm used to volumising mascaras so this one leaves my eyelashes looking flat. right now I feel I cant have high impact eyes and no smudging which is very annoying. As such I won't repurchase, I feel a visit to the maybelline stand coming on. Finally a new product for me is my Benefit eyebright. Does what it says on the tin aswell, is creamy and a nice product - will probably try another brand next time though.

And then Eyeshadows... All mac pans. My obsession a few months ago was MAC pallets - this is serious business people - these bad boys are not cheap!!
From left to right these are the colours I love and run for daily...
1. Club - I love this colour so much - it comes out a warm toned brown with green duochrome- I love packing it all over my lid and blending out. awsome.
2. Patina - An amazing all over colour, goldy brown shimmer.
3. Brun - I love the cool toned, murky browny taupes and Brun is a great colour to build drama for a smokey eye or double up as a liner.
4. Vanilla - very pale cream - a great highlight although I wasn't impressed at first. It's subtle bu effective.
5. Coquette - I love this taupy-grey-muted karkhi colour. I use it mostly to darken my eyebrows when omega is not enough but I have also used this as an all over colour to create a subtle smokey eye and in the crease with brun to add drama.
6. Brule - a great base colour and in truth you can't see a great difference on my lids except they brighten them up and cover redness etc. I often use this as an all over wash when I can't be bothered with eyeshadow. I use a no17 beige eyeshadow which is a great dupe for brule and is good quality aswell. all my shadows will last me a while I'll see if I repurchase.

I hope you've found this interesting and have gotten some ideas for when you next go shopping. xx

Monday, 4 October 2010

Lets Play with Eyelashes

I had just finished my makeup when I thought my eyes need more umph!! With time to spare I dug out my Nicola Eylure lashes which I had been saving for a special occasion – as no occasion or appropriate lash fitting time frame has presented itself yet I thought “yeah whatever” and proceeded to pop them on. The term pop is used loosely; the task is harder than it first appears…
Tools used:

Step 1 – curl eyelashes
Step 2 – apply mascara
Step 3 – snip outer edge of lashes to fit
Step 4 – glue on top (add a bit more to edges) and wait until glue is tacky
Step 5 – apply as close to the lash line as possible, ensuring inner edge of lashes is not too close to your tear duct.
Step 6 – wait until dry and then line to cover any gaps between the faux and real lashes with eyeliner


Are you a fan of faux eyelashes? What are your favourite pair? xx